Veg-Fresh Farms Debuts New Sustainable Packaging

Veg-Fresh Farms Debuts New Sustainable Packaging

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CORONA, CA - While many modern music listeners assumed Justin Bieber’s 2015 chart-topper Where Are Ü Now was about a former flame, I can’t help but listen to the lyrics as a call for sustainability. After all, we need sustainability the most—in our business models and in our buying habits. Luckily, retail partners and consumers alike won’t have to look farther than Veg-Fresh Farms for a simple solution to one of our industry’s most pressing issues.

Veg-Fresh Farms noticed how important sustainability is to today’s conscious consumers

The grower is helping the buyside check in on our beloved Mother Earth with new Earth-friendly packaging, aptly branded Earth Check. I tapped Randy Cancellieri, General Partner of Veg-Fresh Farms, to find out more about these innovative, and important, packaging options.

Randy Cancellieri, General Partner, Veg-Fresh Farms“The packaging is a unique package design made from non-bleached, lightweight, 100-percent recycled paperboard that is sourced from local mills. It is also moisture resistant, so it makes the perfect packaging for our tomatoes!” Randy shared.

The Earth Check packaging line consists of two options: the Earth Check Window Box—for those consumers looking for a window into the Earth’s soul and Veg-Fresh Farms’ produce—and the Earth Check Open Pints. Both options rely on little to no plastic. Instead, the Window Box and Open Pints use recycled and non-bleached paperboard, making it a great choice for organic produce.

Randy noted that the Earth Check line already has consumers in their feelings. Like many in the industry, Veg-Fresh Farms noticed how important sustainability is to today’s conscious consumers and so created its latest packaging innovation as a way of meeting that demand.

Veg-Fresh's new packaging is made out of non-bleached, lightweight, 100-percent recycled paperboard

“Our open-pints have been a great hit with consumers. They really love being able to purchase something that does not have any plastic in the packaging,” Randy continued. “At the moment, we mostly sell them with our Organic Medley Tomatoes, but we have also created a generic open-pint design that can be used for other commodities. We are excited to see these earth-friendly packaging designs continue to evolve and become a staple in the industry.”

As Veg-Fresh Farms’ latest packaging innovation pends a patent, AndNowUKnow will continue to be by the produce industry’s side, reporting on the news you need the most.

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