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WP Rawl Hosts Fourth Annual Katie's Krops Camp

WP Rawl Hosts Fourth Annual Katie's Krops Camp

PELION, SC – In the company’s fourth installment of a yearly commitment towards the empowerment of young growers, WP Rawl hosted another occurrence of Katie’s Krops

Ashley Rawl, Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Product Development, WP Rawl

“We are so proud to support Katie’s Krops with this dedicated camp once again”, said Ashley Rawl, Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Product Development at WP Rawl. “We are truly inspired by this young lady whom we’ve been watching grow year after year. It is refreshing to get to know and interact with young people who are excited to make a difference in their local communities and in the world.” 

Katie’s Krops is a non-profit which gives young growers an opportunity to plant vegetable gardens, and donate the harvest to members of their communities which are in need, according to a recent press release. 

The non-profit was founded by Katie Stagliano, the program’s Chief Executive Gardener. Stagliano selected 12 campers, ages 10 through 18, from a varied selection of states throughout the U.S.

Campers learned new growing techniques, and visited the WP Rawl Headquarters with private tours of the fields and plant; an addition to the event after campers from the inaugural year expressed interest in ag careers and “behind the scenes” activities.

Katie Stagliano, Chief Executive Gardener and Founder, Katie’s Krops

“I am so grateful to WP Rawl and their generosity year after year,” said Stagliano. “Every time they host us, they make us feel like part of the family and we get more out of this experience than I can begin to describe. I hope they know how much this means to me and to the Katie’s Krops growers who get the opportunity to participate.” 

The campers also hosted a service project to aid a Katie’s Krops grower at White Knoll Middle School in West Columbia, SC. This project included expanding the garden and adding irrigation at the site. 

Campers at Katie’s Krops also were provided the opportunity to prepare a mock “Katie’s Krops Dinner,” which was modeled after the monthly charity dinners which Stagliano and her friends host for those in need in Summerville, SC. 

The camp was held from June 27 through June 29 at WP Rawl’s headquarters in Pelion, SC. The opportunity provided all expenses to be paid for its attendees. 

Katie’s Krops stated that it is currently working with Sub-Zero to raise funds to start 25 new gardens. The refrigeration company will donate $5 to Katie’s Krops each time the #FreshFoodMatters hastag is used on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, up to a $25,000 total. This grant from Sub-Zero will provide funding for further education of young growers to continue harvesting vegetables for those in need.

To view Katie’s story on why Fresh Food Matters, visit www.FreshFoodMatters.com.

WP Rawl Katie's Krops

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