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Amazon to Open Six More Cashierless Amazon Go Stores

Amazon to Open Six More Cashierless Amazon Go Stores

SEATTLE, WA - It seems as though the convenience-seeking, technology-driven Amazon Go has seen enough favor that the retailer is planning six more before the year is up. The format debuted to consumers a month ago, and sources familiar with the matter told Recode that there are more to come.

The company has plans for six more Amazon Go stores before the end of the year

While billionaire developer Rick Caruso and the expanding retail giant are said to have been in serious talks about his 600,000-square-foot store The Grove in Los Angeles, he and Amazon both declined to comment to the news source about its hosting an Amazon Go.

As a result, it is still unknown where these six new locations might open their doors, but speculation is stirring about Seattle, its original home, in addition to the Southern California region.

Although the store has no cashiers, attendants and food service associates are key components to ensuring this format works

Lack of cashiers does not mean lack of human assistance at Amazon’s vision of brick and mortar's future—the company continues to have employees prep fresh food and ready-to-grab meals, which Recode points out is in an exposed kitchen for shoppers to see, as well as a greeter that ensures IDs are checked for the necessary items.

Another interesting twist to the expansion speculation is what it would mean for the latest stores to debut in the Los Angeles area. It was the first city to receive the expansion of the retailer’s Amazon Fresh grocery delivery service after its Seattle headquarters had refined it, and the move could ensure further that the area is the place to look for Amazon’s testing grounds.

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