Braga Fresh's Josie's Organics Line Adds Packaged Belgian Style Leeks

Braga Fresh's Josie's Organics Line Adds Packaged Belgian Style Leeks

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SOLEDAD, CA - There is a new addition to Braga Fresh’s line of Josie’s Organics as the label expands its portfolio. The company announced that Organic Belgian Style Leeks are now available to major retailers and wholesale distributors under the blue polka dot packaging.

Peter Cling, Sr. Vice President of Operations, Braga Fresh“We are always thinking of ways to add more value and quality to our products. When we took a closer look at the amount of shelf space that bunched leeks required, we wanted to come up with an alternative,” said Peter Cling, Sr. Vice President of Operations. “Josie’s Belgian Style Leeks are trimmed in an eye-appealing package, and take up less shelf space at the store and in the consumers’ refrigerator. Our packaged leeks are simple, flavorful, and stunning. Their gourmet appearance is sure to please organic consumers. We are excited to continue to expand our line of Josie’s products and feel we have a unique item that our customers will love.”

Long and slender, the company said in a press release that these leeks are not only comparable to shallots in flavor–though milder and somewhat sweeter–but offer versatility as a special ingredient in recipes or a complimentary side dish.

Organic Leeks

With an eye on the value-added and organic trends fueling consumer purchasing, these leeks:

  • Have more edible flesh than most bunched leeks
  • Save time when it comes to cleaning and preparing
  • Limit the amount of product wasted

Grown in the U.S. and available year-round, these flavorful Josie’s Organics packaged Belgian Style Leeks are currently available throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Braga Fresh noted that it is continuing to develop a comprehensive product line of organic fresh vegetables, organic chopped salads, organic baby leaf blends, and organic fresh-cut vegetables as the demands for organics and convenience continue to drive growth in the produce department.

For more information, or to place an order, customers can call 831-678-3835 or visit

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