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Ocean Mist® Farms' Joe Angelo Discusses Beginning of Broccoli and Cauliflower Programs

Ocean Mist® Farms' Joe Angelo Discusses Beginning of Broccoli and Cauliflower Programs

CASTROVILLE, CA - For Ocean Mist® Farms, providing quality produce is always top of mind. With the company’s broccoli and cauliflower programs just beginning, I tapped Joe Angelo, Sales Manager, to gauge how these category defenders are faring as we head into harvest.

Joe Angelo, Sales Manager, Ocean Mist® FarmsQuality is excellent on both broccoli and cauliflower,” Joe says. “We recently finished our spring transition from Coachella to Castroville, California, so our spring to summer season is just getting started.”

Fortunately for retail partners—and all of us broccoli and cauliflower lovers—the weather didn’t impede volume for Ocean Mist. The cooler temperatures held some volume back for only a few days, but Joe assures me the grower had good growing conditions this season, leading to great conventional and organic opportunities for Ocean Mist’s partners.

Ocean Mist® Farms sees excellent quality in its broccoli and cauliflower harvest after transitioning from Coachella to Castroville, California

“There will be promotional volume available for the next several weeks,” continues Joe. “We are well-positioned for promotional pricing right now, and look forward to working with our partners to drive sales.”

Ocean Mist offers a variety of pack sizes and styles for both its conventional and organic broccoli and cauliflower including wrapped 9, 12, and 16 counts. The grower also has a 3-lb Washed and Ready to Eat Broccoli Floret pack, organic size 14s and crowns, conventional crowns with or without a tag, and naked or wrapped size 14s.

Ocean Mist® Farms is well-positioned for promotional pricing right now, and looks forward to working with its partners to drive retail sales for both its organic and conventional varieties

With excellent quality and optimal volumes, Ocean Mist Farms is shaping up to be a top retail partner. For more fresh produce news to power you through the day, keep checking back on ANUK as we bring you the latest in the industry.

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