Bud Floyd Discusses Shipping Solutions with New Platform, Freightflow

Bud Floyd Discusses Shipping Solutions with New Platform, Freightflow

RENO, NV - As technology continues to be a point of differentiation for fresh produce companies, industry veterans Bud Floyd and Butch Peri are bringing a new venture into the fold with a cloud-based, transportation management platform, Freightflow. Primed to bring more intuitive functionality that dramatically simplifies the management of shipments to customers, Bud and founder Butch Peri, are aspiring to facilitate supply chain and network collaboration and visibility.

As the company begins its sales efforts to the produce industry after two years of development, Bud took a few minutes out of his busy schedule to share the vision for the company, and how the software can help fresh produce businesses gain supply chain visibility and improve the efficiency transportation needs.

Bud Floyd, Co-Founder, Freightflow“The Freightflow platform connects GPS tracking services, industry ERP software, and other capability and data sources to deliver comprehensive real-time reporting on location, timing, and routes, while reducing customer work load,” Bud shares with me. “We wanted to make it intuitive enough so that our customers can begin using it today and embrace the program–as easy as using your smartphone. Think of our software as a hub-and-spoke situation. We are partnered with, and have integrated, industry-leading ERP solutions to allow a consistent flow of information and data from the warehouse, through the supply and value chain.”

Freightflow's integrated solution to shipping

Along with an integrated ERP solution, the Freightflow system has a user-friendly dashboard for easy load management and problem prioritization. The company also provides an Administrative Library where all communications/documents are stored in one place for easy access by load. Another benefit is Frieghtflow’s Information Mining Tool, which can pull together reports quickly and delivers real-time, easy to access, business decision-making information and knowledge. A big plus: there are no up front integration expenses, Bud adds.

Freightflow welcomes more than 100 years of collective experience in produce, transportation, and technology to its team.

Butch Peri, Co-Founder, FreightflowPrior to Freightflow, Butch was the President & CEO of one of the world’s largest fresh market onion operations–Peri & Sons. As a grower/shipper for 30 years, Butch conceived the idea for Freightflow to resolve the challenges of transporting produce.

Bud, himself, brings a proven track record to the company with 14 years at C.H. Robinson wrapping up as Vice President in the Sourcing Division and also his tenure as a Principal in the Green Giant Fresh business. Add in his experience with the Pillsbury Company, running the canned and frozen segment, and you have a seasoned professional who has cut his teeth on the industry at large.

“If you look at the industry and the level of technology in the supply chain, many TMS services can be incredibly costly,” Bud adds. “What we hope to accomplish is leveling the playing field by offering a cost-effective software product that competes with the top tier of TMS software programs. Visibility allows you to see the pinch-points within the supply chain, and that can give our customers the insights they need to evolve and improve their businesses and decrease time-wasted with more manual, and time consuming processes.”


If you were wondering how a company just launching in the industry tests its product for efficiencies while continuously updating and upgrading software to the program, so was I.

“One of the differences that we pride ourselves on is that before we ever integrate anything new into our current software it goes through 2,100 electronic tests,” Bud shares. “The reason for this is that we do not want to integrate an upgrade that will compromise the system. We want to integrate and have it work from day one. We are only as successful as our customers–and the buck stops here.”

Congratulations to Bud and Butch, on their new venture and the exciting path ahead. The future looks bright for Freightflow!



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