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California Heat Wave Continues

California Heat Wave Continues

This week’s record-breaking high temperatures have continued to exacerbate California’s drought problems. With severe water cuts in effect for many Central Valley farmers, the struggle to find enough water for crops is leading to drying wells and more worry.

KCRA reported that Sacramento, Modesto and Stockton all reached 106 degrees, which are all new records for June 9th, and the Fresno Bee reported a record high of 110 in Fresno.  Hanford, Madera and Merced also all hit record highs for that same day.

Fresno County Farm Bureau executive director Ryan Jacobsen said, "It's a recipe for disaster. Those vines and trees are already stressed and this just, 108, anything over 104 really tremendously stresses those vines."

On Monday, Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, The Nature Conservancy and Northern California water districts asked lawmakers to invest in projects to shore up the state’s water supply in hopes of breaking a deadlock in the state legislature, according to Scientific American.

The drought has caused surface water deliveries to be severely reduced causing farmers to pump groundwater.  The constant pumping has already caused wells to go dry on several local farms, according to ABC 30.

Jacobsen said the constant pumping will result in more wells going dry this summer. "This year we're seeing the drought combined with the heat in this episode and it just makes the duplicative effect. We're seeing folks already deficit irrigated their crops. They're giving as minimal as possible because after supplies are short."

Luckily, temperatures will be cooling down today and through the rest of the week.  Terry Snow’s Weather Advisory Service forecasted temperatures in the North Valley to only reach mid – upper 90s Wednesday, low – mid 90s Thursday and upper 80s – low 90s Friday.  For the Central and Southern Valley, it forecasted highs to reach upper 90s – 100 Wednesday, mid – upper 90s Thursday and low – mid 90s Friday.

Stay tuned to AndNowUKnow for continued coverage on this summers high temperatures and what impact they may have on farmers and their crops.