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Castellini Group of Companies Reveals New Stage in Growth Plan

Castellini Group of Companies Reveals New Stage in Growth Plan

CINCINNATI, OH - A common phrase we hear across our industry is: The only true constant is change. Those that lean into this model and grab the bull by the horns find themselves in the top-tier of industry innovators with a progressive edge and resiliency to revel. The Castellini Group of Companies holds a space in this arena as one of the largest fresh produce distributors in the United States. This month, the company is revealing a new phase in its epic growth plan under a unified banner and a two-fold plan.

Brian Kocher, Chief Executive Officer and President, Castellini Group of Companies“Under this unified banner, all our products and services will tell a single story that is clear and consistent. We will continue to engineer and design better, simpler solutions for our customers,” Brian Kocher, CEO and President, stated. “Our goal is very clear: to be an indispensable value at every touchpoint in the supply chain.”

The realization of the first phase of the company’s two-fold plan capitalizes on Castellini’s full-service capabilities and introduces an even easier, more agile, efficient, and technologically advanced way to partner with the group’s companies, customers, and growers/shippers, according to a press release. As a part of Castellini’s growth, the group is unveiling a newly updated logo, wordmark, and color palette for its companies to unify under the Castellini brand.

This project also includes an updated website, with online ordering and order tracking capabilities. All will be revealed in the near future.

“We will introduce our new identity to the industry over the next several months and are looking forward to adding our new, custom-designed operating system to our toolbox later this year as well,” Kocher expressed.

The group also announced the completion of the expansion of the Castellini Company facility in Wilder, Kentucky, which will now also house Crosset Company and Grant County Foods. This combination of Castellini’s business lines into one expanded facility will allow the group’s organizations to provide their customers with a new level of efficiency and service. The fully integrated company will retain the Castellini name.

The Castellini Group of Companies is revealing the next phase of its epic growth plan under a unified banner and a two-pronged strategy

As the company reflected, the team is deploying all these resources and its human touch on behalf of its customers to deliver a better way, simply. During these difficult times, the safety and well-being of Castellini’s employees and customers have been its top priority. While the company has taken significant steps to adjust its daily operations to adhere to, or exceed, the guidelines and direction provided by the government and various health organizations, the team has stayed on schedule with its plan to strengthen the Castellini business.

Castellini has responded to evolving business landscapes over the course of the past 125 years of operations and continues to meet that change by inventing or adopting the innovations necessary to meet or exceed its customers’ expectations.

Keep checking back with AndNowUKnow as we follow the evolution of our industry’s leaders across the supply chain and beyond!

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