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Castle Rock Vineyards' Laura Berryessa and Steve Shearer Discuss High-Quality Table Grape Season

Castle Rock Vineyards' Laura Berryessa and Steve Shearer Discuss High-Quality Table Grape Season

COACHELLA, CA - The highly coveted California table grape season is getting underway, and helping to lead the pack in innovation, flavor, and quality, is industry powerhouse Castle Rock Vineyards. With ranches spread throughout California’s fertile growing regions, the company is positioned to provide grapes to its customers from May through December.

As the California harvest moves from south to north, I’m joined by Sales Manager Laura Berryessa and Sales Account Manager Steve Shearer, who share the exciting outlook for the season thus far, and what we have to look forward to as we move through the summer.

Laura Berryessa, Sales Manager, Castle Rock Vineyards“We are seeing great quality and supplies on our grapes as the harvest in Coachella gets underway,” Laura shares. “Sizing and color have been very nice, and we are hitting the high marks on flavor. It’s setting up to be a great year for our customers.” 

Castle Rock did get a later start this season, like most in the industry, but as always the team at Castle Rock waits till the fruit is just right, before they harvest.

Castle Rock Vineyard's Flame Seedless Grapes are in full-swing this table grape season.

“Although it was a later start than usual, we are building momentum across our program as we look to transition to California's Central Valley in early July,” Laura tells me. 

Steve Shearer, Sales Account Manager, Castle Rock VineyardsSteve shares that Castle Rock has had great customer support on all of the company’s varieties, “But our premium varieties have been a major success around the world. We look forward to working with our partners to begin promotional volumes of these by mid-July in the San Joaquin Valley.”  

Castle Rock has been a leader in the category for more than 20 years, growing and marketing premium California table grapes. By controlling every aspect of the growing, picking, packing, cooling, and shipping of its grapes, the company is able to consistently bring a premium product to market. Higher quality means a better eating experience for consumers, and reduced shrink at the store. 

Excited for Castle Rock’s California table grape season? I know we are.

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