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D'Arrigo Bros. Expands Organic Line with Fennel and Broccoli Rabe

D'Arrigo Bros. Expands Organic Line with Fennel and Broccoli Rabe

SALINAS, CA - Capitalizing on the growing market demand for organics, D’Arrigo Bros. has announced several expansions to its organic line of products.  

John Scherpinski, Sales Director, D’Arrigo Brothers

“We have diversified our portfolio to include Andy Boy Organic Fennel (Anise) and Andy Boy Organic Broccoli Rabe,” said John Scherpinski, Director of Sales at D’Arrigo, in a company statement.  

The company says consumers can expect the new Andy Boy Organic offerings of Fennel and Broccoli Rabe in stores soon.

D'Arrigo's Organic Broccoli Rabe, Romaine Hearts, and Fennel

And it isn’t just the two new products that is making for a bigger D’Arrigo organic line—the company is also adding on to its popular Organic Romaine Heart program. 

Matt Amaral, Director of Business Development

“Due to the positive response from our Organic Romaine Heart category we have had to increase acreage for this year to keep up with demand,” states Matt Amaral, Director of Business Development.  

As a result of the companies land equity, D’Arrigo Bros. is positioned to be a sustainable participant within the organic segment, a press release states. D’Arrigo is a 3rd generation company that has put emphasis on being great stewards of the land, as well as being committed to becoming a diverse and sustainable organic supplier in the industry.  


For more information about D’Arrigo Bros., please visit www.andyboy.com.

D’Arrigo Bros.

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