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Domex Record Sized Apple Crop Moving Closer to Market

Domex Record Sized Apple Crop Moving Closer to Market

YAKIMA, WA - With demand for Washington state apples rising every year, Domex reportedly has a record sized apple crop on their hands this summer. Because of perfect growing conditions and pristine weather, the crop isn't just coming in bigger than ever, it's also early by a week.


“This year we're seeing everything come together,” said Domex grower Dave Gleason. “This has been a beautiful growing season. The weather's perfect and we've got excellent fruit that is sizing well. We've got a big crop this year, but we've also got all sizes of fruit available.”

With the crop coming in early, Domex currently expects all of its apple varieties to be available to retailers by September 1st.

“We're excited about this crop and things are coming together well...things look good and we just have a few weeks left until we start harvesting this year's crop,” Gleason commented.

The demand for Washington state apples has certainly risen in the last several years. In response to this increase, Gleason discussed how the Domex has both increased the number and quality of its orchards. According to a press release, it has also expanded its facilities for packaging, storing, and processing its apple crops. 

Congratulations on a great looking summer crop Domex!


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