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Duda Farm Fresh Foods Marketing Celery as the Perfect Convenience Snack

Duda Farm Fresh Foods Marketing Celery as the Perfect Convenience Snack

OVIEDO, FL - Professional chefs have long loved celery for the way it can enhance the flavor profile of their dishes, but now Duda Farm Fresh Foods is hoping to make celery a foodservice staple by highlighting the convenience and versatility of this delicious vegetable.

Susan Noritake, Director of Fresh Cut Sales at Duda, was to-the-point in her promotion of Duda's increased focus on its wide variety of celery products for the foodservice industry: “Let’s talk stalk,” she said.

Years of selective breeding and market testing has allowed Duda to grow celery throughout the United States while maintaining the vibrant green color and naturally sweet taste that customers look to celery for. Whether they're buying traditional celery stalks, diced celery, or any of Duda's other celery products, Duda is confident that buyers will be exceedingly happy with the quality of the product.

Duda also hopes that the combination of the quality of their celery and its Dandy® celery line will allow it to be able to increase celery sales to schools this year. The Dandy® 1.6-ounce, 2.5-ounce and 3-ounce single serving celery stick packs are perfect for any school’s healthy meal or snack program.

Foodservice companies will also enjoy the dependability which Duda is able to provide because its celery is delivered by in-house freight experts supported by a logistics team that doesn't rely on the open truck market for deliveries. Direct relationships with the trucking companies have given Duda the ability to request trucks dedicated specifically for Dandy product deliveries.

“Our consistent truck supply means on-time deliveries and excellent customer service,” said Jeff Goodale, Duda's Business Development Manager. “From across town to across the world, let our team take care of your logistics.”

Duda will be marketing its celery products, as well as its multitude of fresh citrus fruits, at this summer's PMA Foodservice Expo. Sponsor chefs will be on hand to prepare dishes centered around Duda celery, dishes which attendees will later have a chance to take a crack at themselves. According to a press release, the PMA Foodservice Expo will be held on Saturday, July 26th. 

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