Earthbound Farm to Release Three New Blends at PMA Fresh Summit

Earthbound Farm to Release Three New Blends at PMA Fresh Summit

SAN JUAN BAUTISTA, CA - Providing a fresh spin on salads, Earthbound Farm is debuting three organic blends at this year’s PMA Fresh Summit that are sure to dazzle with flavor, variety, versatility, beauty, texture, and nutrient density. The new blends are Rosé Blend, Mighty Spinach Blend, and Red Baby Butter Blend.

Nathalie Fontanilla, VP of Marketing, Research and Innovation, Earthbound Farms“We love delicious organic food— especially veggies and greens,” said Nathalie Fontanilla, VP Marketing, Research and Innovation. “It is why Earthbound Farm tinkers and explores as we develop new organic products. But, even more important than that, we listen to the people who are buying our products. What do they want? What would make their lives simpler and tastier? It's why we grow and pack organic fresh salads. Earthbound Farm has always done this, starting with originating prewashed, packaged spring mix to introducing baby arugula and baby kale to the category.”

 Earthbound Farm is debuting three organic blends: Rosé Blend, Mighty Spinach Blend, and Red Baby Butter Blend

According to a press release, the following are set to take the stage come October 18th:

  • Rosé Blend: This blend of red lettuces—lolla rosa, red oak, red tango, red baby butter, radicchio—creates a crisp and tender texture that has a mild bite. To get this mix, the company worked with seed partners over the years to develop multi-leaf varieties to flavor, texture, and efficient harvesting. Similar to a spring mix, the sturdier leaves offer a crunch that holds against many dressings and creates a pretty plate full of various shades of red and green. I mean, what more can I say than this: rosé all day!
  • Mighty Spinach Blend: This powerhouse mix of spinach, bok choy, pak choi, tat soi provides a slighty earthy flavor profile that is dense with nutrients that put flavor at the forefront. Get this: it can be used in salads, smoothies, and sautéed or braised dishes. Say what?! I only speak the truth, friends.
  • Red Baby Butter Blend: Butter me up with some good butter lettuce. This offering showcases what makes butter lettuce an all-star player in the salad game with a beautiful red blush and a crisp that consumers can enjoy in bite-size leaves.

Tim Youmans, VP of Commodities and National Accounts, Earthbound Farm“We want to make it simple and satisfying for our customers to have a high-quality, well-rounded organic produce program that delivers what their shoppers are seeking—fresh organic produce that goes beyond the ordinary,” said Tim Youmans, VP of Commodities and National Accounts. “No one else is better equipped to provide that one-stop-shop organic solution.”

Earthbound is getting innovation back on the table for retail partners with its new offerings

The company’s expanded line of all-organic commodity vegetables, include new additions Baby Bok Choy and Cabbage, will be on display for attendees to check out at Fresh Summit. It will be showcasing its tried-and-true items, as well: broccoli, cauliflower, and broccolette.

Deverl Maserang, President, Earthbound Farm“Getting innovation back on the table is fundamental for us and for our retail partners,” said Earthbound Farm President, Deverl Maserang. “And so is having a robust organic commodity program. It’s all an important part of our heritage and our connection to the consumers that have nurtured us through the years.”

The new blends are available in 5-ounce clamshells and have a suggested retail price of $3.99.

Which one are you most excited to try?!

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