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El Niño to Affect Peruvian Mangoes and Grapes

El Niño to Affect Peruvian Mangoes and Grapes

LIMA, PERU – Though it is currently weak to moderate, El Niño will affect mango and grape crops in central and northern Peru, according to that country’s National Service of Meteorology and Hydrology (SENAMHI). 

Wilfredo Izarra, an Agrometeorology Specialist at SENAMHI, says that the temperature increase is already affecting mango plantations that are in the process of floral induction. Andina, a Peruvian news source, reports that this process requires a minimum temperature below 17 to 18 degrees Celsius.  Izarra says that there "has been an increase in temperatures of two degrees to 3.5 degrees Celsius which affects the start of the flowering process."

Warm temperatures in the central region’s Ica Valley are also affecting grape crops and could hinder pisco production as well as harming small farmers. 

The director of SENAMHI’s Climatology Unit, Grinia Avalos, said that they have been observing major negative impacts in these crops since May due to rising temperatures.  

“We have recognized temperature anomalies off the northern coast of the country.  For now we do not know if the cold waters can reverse the mass of warm water.  Everything depends on the progress of the South Pacific anticyclone to the north,” Avalos said.

Temperatures on the northern coast have increased by four degrees Celsius between May and June.

The current forecast for the next three months will maintain the temperature increase between two to three degrees Celsius above normal, according to Andina.

SENAMHI is currently monitoring El Niño and its effects on Peru.  Stay tuned to AndNowUKnow for more information as this story develops.