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Frieda's Celebrates Potato Lover's Month With Colorful Varieties

Frieda's Celebrates Potato Lover's Month With Colorful Varieties

LOS ALAMITOS, CA – How can your produce aisle take advantage of Potato Lover’s Month? According to Frieda’s Specialty Produce, by making sure those potatoes really pop.

“A great way to increase impulse sales is to merchandise these specialty potatoes alongside flavorful shallots, Cipolline onions, elephant garlic, and white, red, and gold boiler and pearl onions,” Frieda’s said in a press release, recommending enticingly colorful specialty potato varieties to any retail display.

To help you pick and choose, the specialty produce company recommends these three spuds to capture those extra consumer dollars:

Star Spangled Spuds

A mix of Yukon gold, purple, and red potatoes, the colorful combo isn’t all that will attract attention. The 2-pound bag also features Frieda’s new bold and brightly colored label, specifically designed to relate to those impulsive millennial shoppers.

Purple Peruvian potatoes

Available in both A- and baby sizes, these particularly purple potatoes are “beautiful inside and out,” giving a color break to the display stand to catch any consumer’s eye.

Stokes Purple® sweet potatoes

Stokes Purple Sweet Potatoes

Available in both organic and conventional, orange is no longer the only color on the sweet potato market. Add a visual break to your sweet potato display with this aesthetic purple variety, which Frieda’s said is also a favorite among fitness enthusiasts and foodies.

For more information, high resolution images, and to find out about other trending products, retailers, wholesalers, and foodservice distributors can contact Frieda’s Specialty Produce.

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