Hazera Names Tom Antens as New Head of Commercial

Hazera Names Tom Antens as New Head of Commercial

DEERFIELD BEACH, FL - July 1 was a celebratory day, as Hazera welcomed Tom Antens as its new Head of the Commercial Department. He returns to the company with significant experience after trying his hand in different sectors of the industry.

Tom Antens, Head of the Commercial Department, Hazera“We must strive for quality and excellence in all aspects, to truly make the difference,” Antens stated upon entering his new role. “Even though Hazera is a strong brand in many markets, there’s still a lot of room to grow and new markets to explore. I see a lot of potential.”

Antens previously worked as Sales Manager for the Middle East, North Africa, and Oceania. He later joined HM Clause as Business Manager, working as Commercial Director for Turkey, Algeria, EMEA Export, and Africa, overseeing sales for these high-growth markets during the past four years.

Hazera recently welcomed Tom Antens back to the team as its new Head of the Commercial Department

“I’m looking forward to working with both new and familiar faces. My goal is to form a close-knit team and bring stability to the Commercial Department as I have done in previous roles,” Antens added. “From there, we can explore new markets for our Hi-tech and ToBRFV-resistant tomatoes and strengthen existing ones, realizing our growth potential along the way.”

Antens went on in a press release from the company, stating that with Hazera’s people, knowledge, and ambition, the company has huge growth potential, and he looks forward to taking on the challenge.

“The question I ask myself is: how do we make the difference?” Antens continued. “Hazera’s products are widely regarded to be innovative. But, to really understand why clients choose us, we must place them at the center point; not just in the Commercial Department, but in all departments within Hazera. We can excel by listening carefully to our growers and translating their input in our innovations. By combining this with operational excellence, we can grow together and truly stand out from the competition.”

We offer congratulations to the new Head of Commercial!


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