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Highline Mushrooms’ Lana Rodrigues Details Simple Sides and Varieties

Highline Mushrooms’ Lana Rodrigues Details Simple Sides and Varieties

LEAMINGTON, ONTARIO, CANADA - The world of mushrooms continues to grow and expand with producers like Highline Mushrooms at the forefront. As consumers push to make more mushroom on the plate for the versatile offering, I spoke with Highline Mushrooms’ Lana Rodrigues to get a read on the fun(gus) category.

Lana Rodrigues, Marketing Specialist, Highline Mushrooms“At Highline, we currently offer a wide variety of mushrooms to meet shoppers’ expectations,” Lana, Marketing Specialist, tells me. “We sell from white, Portabella, and mini Bella mushrooms to specialty varieties such as Shiitake, Enoki, Oyster, and King Oyster.”

Perfect simply sliced for a salad or mixed to make an impeccable burger, mushrooms lend themselves to endless applications. This versatility gives the capped category the perfect role for Highline’s Simple Sides, which won Best New Product at the Canadian Produce Marketing Association’s (CPMA) Convention and Trade Show in Montréal, Canada.

Offering more convenience without compromising flavor, Highline Mushrooms' Simple Sides is a versatile option for any meal

From stardom to stores, the stress-free meal kit offering is now available on shelves. Trends suggest that consumers continue to eat at home after the pandemic, but they want more convenience without compromising flavor—Simple Sides is a versatile option for any meal.

“We worked very hard to keep up with the trends and the shoppers’ concerns, which was a great way to be recognized in the industry,” continues Lana. “Simple Sides includes sliced fresh mushrooms with two alternatives of sauces, Herb & Garlic and Sesame & Ginger, and the side is ready within only six minutes.”

Simple Sides come in Herb & Garlic and Sesame & Ginger flavors, and recently won Best New Product at the CPMA Convention and Trade Show

Packed with more than 12 vitamins and boasting high protein content, white mushrooms hold their own stalk in any diet. Simple Sides are low in calories and sodium and are free from fat, cholesterol, and gluten, making the possibilities limitless.

With our industry always on the rise to meet demands in innovative ways, stay tuned as AndNowUKnow reports.

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