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Homegrown Organic Farms Launches New Sustainability Program

Homegrown Organic Farms Launches New Sustainability Program

PORTERVILLE, CA - Homegrown Organic Farms has launched a new sustainability program to showcase the company’s efforts in caring for the land, the environment, and its communities.

The Committed to Caring program was created to share stories from Homegrown growers and team members that illustrate the company’s value for its relationships.

Cherie France, Marketing Manager, Homegrown Organic Farms“For us, it’s always been about relationships – relationships with our customers, our team members, our communities, and the land,” says Cherie France, Marketing Manager for Homegrown Organic Farms.

Scott Mabs, CEO of Homegrown Organic Farms says, “While many people have approached this idea through sustainability, we recognize that at the foundation of sustainability is the concept of caring. If you care about the land that you farm, the people that you employ, the business that you run, and the communities that you are a part of, then sustainability just happens.” 

The company has compiled the stories of these communities in a booklet that showcases new farming and conservation strategies happening in the Homegrown sphere, but also features ways in which the company’s team members and growers have decided to give back to their own communities, according to a press release.

France continues, “The response on the Committed to Caring program from our customers has been outstanding. People want this type of information. Transparency continues to be a significant purchase influencer as we move forward in the 21st century.” 

You can view a digital copy of the booklet here.

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