Inteligistics Appoints Joe Garcia as Director of Sales, Retail Supply Chain; Rao Mandava Shares

Inteligistics Appoints Joe Garcia as Director of Sales, Retail Supply Chain; Rao Mandava Shares

SALINAS, CA - Nearly four decades of supply chain technical expertise is being added to Inteligistics’ ranks. Stepping in as Director of Sales, Retail Supply Chain, Joe Garcia will harness his experience in a vital new role.

Joe Garcia, Director of Sales, Retail Supply Chain, Inteligistics“Growers and retailers have been monitoring the supply chain and collecting data for decades, but using that data to enhance profitability has been a significant challenge,” commented Garcia. “Inteligistics’ use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to predict remaining shelf-life, reduce operational labor, and identify areas for process improvement, is game-changing.”

Garcia began his career managing technical services for Dole Food Company and Del Monte Tropical Fruit Company, a press release explained. Most recently, he worked as a Regional Sales Manager at DeltaTrak. The experienced leader has spent the bulk of his career researching, adopting, and selling technical solutions to increase efficiency and ensure quality assurance for the perishable supply chain, the release went on to note.

Joe Garcia is stepping in as Inteligistics’ newest Director of Sales, Retail Supply Chain

“While there are many ways companies can use Inteligistics’ systems to increase the value from the data they are already collecting, I’m most excited for the opportunity to help retailers reduce shrink,” noted Garcia. “While some amount of shrink is understandable, using our technology to reduce shrink while improving the consumer experience with better quality fresh food, contributes directly to retailers’ bottom lines.”

In this new role, Garcia will report to Rao Mandava, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Inteligistics.

Rao Mandava, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman, Inteligistics“As we grow and expand our supply chain solutions with grower/shippers and retailers, Joe’s previous work deploying technology throughout the perishable supply chain will be an invaluable resource to our company and our clients,” said Mandava.

The InteliView Data Platform from Inteligistics collects and analyzes data from a wide range of existing data sources and third-party sensors and recorders; the customizable, real-time user dashboards can help companies identify and highlight what is most important to them, and help them take steps to improve operations and profitability by improving quality, reducing labor demands, and turning regulatory compliance into a profit center.

“Fresh produce and perishable products have long been the drivers of retail traffic and profits, but there has always been a lot of waste, which is bad for profits and sustainability,” Mandava added. “As margins shrink, labor markets tighten, and regulations such as FSMA 204 proliferate, Inteligistics solutions help improve transparency and decision making while reducing supply chain costs.”

Congratulations to Joe Garcia on this new role!


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