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Japanese Juicemaker Creates a Hand-Free Robot to Meet Your 'Mater Quota

Japanese Juicemaker Creates a Hand-Free Robot to Meet Your 'Mater Quota

JAPAN - Mater Fever is no longer restricted to Pixar fans, with more and more findings proving the health and benefits of tomato consumption. But for those who were not yet on the tomato wagon, the Japanese tomato-product manufacturer Kagome has provided you with a very good reason to hop on.

And you wear it as a backpack.

Sporting the first ever Tomatan, meet Shigenori Suzuki, who consumed seven medium-sized tomatoes as he ran the first leg of the Tokyo Marathon last weekend. And he didn’t use his hands to do it.

Tomatoes have proved to be a healthy source of potassium, which replenishes your electrolytes and helps to prevent cramping and ease soreness. So other runners may have been a little jealous as Suzuki passed with his stunning supply of fruit and no need to lose momentum by disrupting his arm-rhythm. He did, hopefully, do so in order to give a wave to anyone sporting a Smart Banana.


It doesn’t stop there either, oh no. Suzuki also ate 12 cherry tomatoes during the second leg of the marathon on Sunday via, you guessed it, Petit Tomaton! That’s right, this piggy-back bot comes with size options. And seeing as the 17.6 pound Tomaton was probably a bit heavy for the longer leg of the race, it’s understandable that he would decide to sport the smaller edition.

Unfortunately for Suzuki, the creation is purely promotional at this point. Hopefully he hasn't experienced any phantom limb after having to give the little bot back.