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Justin Timberlake Endorses Bai, Continues Promoting Braspberries

Justin Timberlake Endorses Bai, Continues Promoting Braspberries

HAMILTON, NJ - Justin Timberlake is having a great month—first, ‘NSYNC received its Star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, and now, the crooner from my teenage dreams is saying "Hi, Hi, Hi," to a new advertisement, endorsing his love of what the ex-Mickey Mouse Club member dubs the braspberry. He stars in an advertisement for Bai’s beverages.

In the 30-second spotlight for Bai’s drinks, actor and comedian Brian Husky plays a news correspondent releasing breaking news that is "just in": Bai carries 5 calories and uses no artificial sweeteners. While the "just in" news is what you think the main event of the advertisement will be, the camera shifts to another Justin, who has already professed his love of a certain raspberry-and-blueberry combination—that is, pop singing icon, Justin Timberlake.

Husky mocks Justin’s affinity for deep hued blueberries tucked within the vibrant and flavorful raspberries, but—ever the wise guy—Justin corrects him, saying, "Braspberry. It’s called a braspberry" and shining a light on the produce must-haves.

After our favorite jokester offers to feed news-anchoring Husky, the camera cuts to a shot of Bai’s drinks. In an almost serenading tone, Justin voices, "Bai. Five calories. No artificial sweeteners. And tastes amazing," in an almost 007-smooth way that boasts both smarts and style.

The carefully crafted advertisement is not all fun and games, though. The pop star is an investor and Chief Flavor Officer for Bai, according to People. In a behind the scenes look at JT’s role in the clip, he explains what he loves about the commercial and the brand.

Justin Timberlake"I can’t think of a Bai flavor I don’t like, and that’s why I’m here," he jokingly shares, after divulging that the majority of Bai commercials, including one with Christopher Walken, are pretty random. "The Pineapple Coconut—that’s a new mix, yup, get on my level. I call it Get on My Level. I have a different names for all the drinks, like Khaled has different names for all his sneakers, I have a different name for all the drinks."

How will Justin Timberlake’s focus on fruit and various ways to consume it impact the industry and demand for fresh produce? AndNowUKnow will keep you updated with the latest news.