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Kroger Shutters Fresh Eats MKT Convenience Stores

Kroger Shutters Fresh Eats MKT Convenience Stores

CINCINNATI, OH - Kroger is stepping out of the convenience store sector, recently announcing that it has shuttered its Fresh Eats MKT format stores in Columbus, Ohio.

“As part of a portfolio review, we have made the decision to discontinue the Fresh Eats MKT concept,” Kroger explained in a statement to NBC 4. “From the pilot, we have learned many things about how to provide quality, fresh, and new foods to our customers. We will incorporate these learnings in other parts of our business.”

Kroger debuted the c-store format in 2017, during a time when the retailer still operated hundreds of convenience stores. Less than a year after launching Fresh Eats MKT, Kroger sold its entire c-store operations to EG Group for over $2 billion.

Kroger recently announced that it is shuttering its Fresh Eats MKT small format concept

Given that the Fresh Eats concept never expanded outside of Columbus, Ohio, it appears that Kroger was merely testing the waters of this small-format concept. As the years have passed, small-format stores have continued to dominate the newswire, as more companies step up to the Amazon Go plate.

Kroger, it stands to reason, is now merely biding time for its next innovation. After all, retailers need the push and pull of consumer interest to determine where they go next. Is the interest in small formats starting to wane? Does Kroger potentially know where consumer interest is headed? AndNowUKnow will be sure to keep you updated on the latest.