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The Lettuce Ladies Hit Hollywood

The Lettuce Ladies Hit Hollywood

NORFOLK, VA - Lettuce may be lovely, but I never thought to wear it.

PETA set out to raise temperatures towards veggies by making lettuce look better than ever in a place where the only way fashion goes is forward - Hollywood.

The activist group's Lettuce Ladies set up in Tinseltown at noon last Thursday, May 22, to entice passersby to sample some veggie-centric foods they may not have considered before.

According to an NBC Los Angeles report, the ladies will be baring their bodies and their cause with signs featuring produce promotions like “let vegetarianism grow on you” and “turn over a new leaf, go vegetarian.”

This isn’t the first time PETA has used this approach to push produce. According to the association’s blog, the Lettuce Ladies have been to countries like Australia, the Philippines, and Kenya, as well as having made a stand in full lettuce garb on Capitol Hill and the NFL Draft while serving vegetarian spins on hot dogs and wings. To see the ladies on Capitol Hill, check out the Glittarazzi video below.

While the Lettuce Ladies usually are volunteers for PETA’s cause, well-known names and spokespeople for the association like actresses Pamela Anderson and Elizabeth Berkley have also sported lettuce bikinis and gowns for the campaign.

This time the group’s post was at the corner of the famed Sunset Boulevard and Ivar Avenue, according to the report, handing out free boxes of vegan burgers and hotdogs to just in time for Memorial Day weekend barbecues.