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Onions 52 CEO Bob Meek Talks Sunions

Onions 52 CEO Bob Meek Talks Sunions

SYRACUSE, UT - There is no better way to start a veggie dish or soup than with onions sautéing in oil, but sometimes the pain of chopping an onion can be a deterrent, even when countered against the complexity of flavor they add to any dish. Luckily, Onions 52 is bringing Sunions™ to the retail fold, with all the richness of an onion, without the tearful pain.

Bob Meek, Chief Executive Officer, Onions 52“Sunions is the first truly tearless onion to hit the market. You can cut it and it won’t make you cry. We had one retailer that actually cut the onion and rubbed onion juice on his eyelids and he didn’t cry! This onion is also a very sweet onion that gets sweeter with time as it sits in storage, and we didn’t introduce this onion to the market until it had reached a target level of sweetness. So a combination of a tearless and sweet onion—a rare combination!” said Bob Meek, CEO.

Sunions are already on the market, with shipping having begun in early January. Bob explained that supplies of Sunions have moved well, driven by mainstream media outreach through ABC TV, Huffington Post, Washington Post, The New York Times, and Good Morning America. In store, Onions 52 offers a variety of POS to promote Sunions, and an additional aisle display container rolling out next year. The company recommends that retailers train produce personnel to use the POS material to draw attention to the unique characteristics of the sweet, tearless onion.

Sunions Tearless Onions

“It is not often that a new onion product is introduced. Once consumers try this onion, they buy it again. Being tearless will attract onion consumers that may not normally buy onions, because they don’t want to cry, back to buying onions. These onions will not last long—our season is short—so buy while they last,” Bob exclaims.

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