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Pack List Pro Testimonials Dish on the Advantages and Benefits of

Pack List Pro Testimonials Dish on the Advantages and Benefits of "Harvest and Pack Process Management Platform"

BAKERSFIELD, CA - Whether you are scaling an operation, seeking to organize and streamline efficiencies, or striving to bring to market a more competitive product—Pack List Pro (PLP) has your number, your solution, and your strategy.

With its digital Harvest and Pack Process Management Platform that specializes in building and distributing daily pack plans, Pack List Pro enables a supplier’s sales and operations teams to save hours on planning harvest schedules by filtering out pack styles in relation to each retailer’s specifications and communicating the data and direction across multiple devices and locations.

Jack Chance, Chief Marketing Officer, Pack List Pro“Pack List Pro provides a system which enables management to take control of their entire packing process. The ability to capture all the moving parts in one database has allowed our customers to completely replace the need to rely on various spreadsheets and word of mouth communication. This has minimized human error while building pack plans and takes half the time to do compared to working off of spreadsheets and phone calls,” Jack Chance, Chief Marketing Officer, shares with me. “We provide a central platform to assemble all data points related to your packaging requirements and production process.”

So, what is an example of what “all moving parts” might look like for an organization? Check out this recent article for a deeper dive. But, let me shift the spotlight to the bottom line as Pack List Pro customers share their experience of the coveted platform:

Jack Campbell Jr., Four Star Fruit

“Pack List Pro has become very essential to our daily harvest at Four Star. Being so user-friendly and functional, it has saved our sales organization over 20 percent of our day, which gives them more time to actually sell. Since implementing Pack List Pro, we have had great cost savings in eliminating the waste or excess material being brought to the vineyard. It has significantly reduced material errors, which have had a direct effect on increasing the production of the crews.”

The ability to capture all the moving parts in one database has allowed Pack List Pro customers to completely replace the need to rely on various spreadsheets and word of mouth communication, minimizing human error while building pack plans

Oliver Sill, Director of Sales, Illume Ag

“Pack List Pro provides one central location for our business to efficiently communicate the needs of harvest for the following day. From our schedule produced by Pack List Pro, sales knows what to expect to come in that day, material vendors know what to have prepped and ready, cold storage employees know what to expect at receiving, and field crews know every detail of the pack they need to do for the day down to the sticker on the bottom of a clamshell. It has everything covered! The biggest benefit we have seen is efficiencies in communication. Before Pack List Pro, it was not uncommon to be on the phone up to a dozen times each morning figuring out what materials are needed for what crew and how many need to be packed. All that time on the phone used to take away from sales, but now Pack List Pro has helped streamline all information to my clear daily schedule.”

Alexandra Cody, Key Account Manager, Columbine Vineyards

Alexandra Cody, Key Account Manager, Columbine Vineyards“Pack List Pro has allowed our sales department to communicate more effectively and efficiently with both the field and operations departments. We’re able to organize the list based on specific needs from customers without any confusion in the field. The time we have saved by using PackList Pro is insurmountable. This platform allows for multiple users with internet and login credentials to access and edit the list, which has been extremely beneficial during a year where we faced the many challenges of working from home. What would once take hours in the afternoon takes a few minutes thanks to Pack List Pro. As a company that tailors our pack plans towards the specific needs of our customers, it can be challenging to note what is expected for each pack style in the field. Pack List Pro is beneficial in that it allows us to be as specific as possible, adding to the overall quality of fruit that goes into the box.”

Justin McGowan, Director of Administration, Anthony Vineyards

“Pack List Pro has modernized our planning and communication of harvesting activity. We had a system in place forever that we thought worked well until implementing and utilizing PLP. The complexity of pack styles has evolved over the years and new styles are added each year. PLP has allowed us to be more efficient at communicating these vast arrays of potential packing needs to all employees involved and doing so in a timely manner. Pack List Pro has allowed us to be more agile in our planning and communication of harvest schedules. Instructions are no longer lost or misinterpreted in verbal or written communications. By streamlining a task list, we have seen both cost and time improvements.”

Check out a sample demo packlist for more information, and I will let these incredible testimonials simply speak for themselves.

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