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Rainier Fruit Company Adds a Green Line to Increase Packing Flexibility and Volume to its Organic Production

Rainier Fruit Company Adds a Green Line to Increase Packing Flexibility and Volume to its Organic Production

SELAH, WA - After spending the better part of 2015 working on revolutionizing its organic production, Rainier Fruit Company has added the new, “Green Line” to its repertoire. This new addition will be used solely for organic packing, the company says, and will allow for improved product handling with greater flexibility to manage both increased volume and package options. 

Blake Belknap, Organic Sales Manager, Rainier Fruit Company“The demand for organic has grown across all sectors - from traditional retail and club stores to convenience stores and even foodservice,” explained Blake Belknap, Rainier’s Organic Sales Manager. “In order for us to get that crunchy apple to the consumer, we need to pack fresh in a variety of different packages daily. That’s the reason behind the new Green Line.” 

Coinciding with what the company calls its forward-thinking philosophy and its commitment to sustainability, Rainier used only modern technologies and materials in its design and construction. 

Rainier's New Green Line

According to a press release, the new building boasts 336 solar panels that will feed back to the electrical grid. The company is estimating an annual energy reduction of nearly 700,000 kWh or annual power for about 6000 light bulbs. The installation of 405 LED fixtures contribute more light with less energy - a 40% savings compared to incandescent bulbs. 

Due to the line’s achievements in food safety, Rainier Fruit Company is also referring to its Green Line as its “Pristine Line.” Suspended tile ceilings, epoxy floors, and a radiant heat dryer room are just a few of the improvements that support the company’s emphasis on food safety. The project broke ground in March of this year and was completed in October. 

Looking forward to seeing what's to come for Rainier’s new organic Green Line!

Rainier Fruit Company

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