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Stemilt Shakes Up Apple Displays With Piñata® and Fuji Apples

Stemilt Shakes Up Apple Displays With Piñata® and Fuji Apples

WENATCHEE, WA - Think of how you felt as a kid when it began raining candy after a good hit to a bright and colorful piñata. This is exactly how consumers will feel when they bite into Stemilt’s Piñata® apples, which are the perfect opportunity for retailers to drive category sales as we approach Cinco de Mayo and even National Piñata Day this Spring.

Brianna Shales, Marketing Director, Stemilt“Piñata apples are known for their excellent culinary attributes,” said Marketing Director Brianna Shales. “They are great for snacking, baking, and cooking. It doesn’t break down easily in heated application and suits the need for many apple shoppers who seek an apple with a diverse set of abilities. Putting this apple on ads starting in early April through May will boost the category and will leave apple shoppers delighted with the flavor and eating experience.”

National Piñata Day falls on April 18, with Cinco de Mayo falling shortly after, and Stemilt’s bags and bulk Piñata apples come in high graphic boxes perfect for creating a festive display centered around these holidays, according to a press release. Shales advises retailers to set these enticing displays in high traffic areas and cross merchandise them with vibrant pineapples to make the display pop even more, as well as to promote them on social media platforms.

Stemilt’s Piñata® apples are the perfect opportunity for retailers to drive category sales as we approach National Piñata Day and Cinco de Mayo

“Fun and enticing is what we built the Piñata brand around,” explained Shales. “It is the perfect apple for this time of the year as many consumers long for something tropical, and Piñata can be that flavorful escape. Bags do well as they meet the need for a no-touch grab-and-go option for the consumer. Bulk is another option, and retailers can feature the apple as a culinary delight or alongside other core varieties in a multi-variety ad.”

Stemilt offers the Piñata apples—which are a successor of the Golden Delicious, Cox’s Orange Pippen, and the Duchess of Oldenburg varieties—in 5 lb Apple Lover packs as well as 3 lb Lil Snappers® pouches for consumers that prefer a smaller-sized fruit.

Stemilt offers its Piñata® and Fuji apples in 5 lb Apple Lover packs and 3 lb Lil Snappers® pouches

“Overall, Piñata is a solid variety to carry within your lineup during the spring months,” explained Shales. “Piñata apples have classic apple flavors with a tropical twist. Its crisp, juicy bite gets apple lovers excited, but they stick around the for the balanced, sweet-tart taste and long-lasting pineapple finish. It will leave them delighted whether they are snacking, baking, or cooking.”

The grower’s Artisan Organics™ Fuji apples are another opportunity for retailers to take apple category sales to the next level. Also available in bags and bulk options, the bright-colored variety is packed fresh to order through the company’s supply and demand forecasting program, providing retailers with ultimate freshness and quality Fuji apples.

[Photo provided from Stemilt, caption included as follows] Although it’s snowy and cold in Washington State, Stemilt’s beautiful Artisan Organics™ Fuji apples shine bright on packing lines this week. Stemilt is a long-time leader in the Fuji category, growing high-color strains like Aztec and a freshness focus delivered by its supply and demand forecasting program to pack Fuji’s fresh to order

“Our 5 lb Apple Lover pack is great for Fuji lovers who are looking to stock up between store trips and great for retailers as this bag option moves high volumes,” explained Shales. “Our 3 lb Lil Snappers bag is another wonderful option for consumers who are looking for smaller sized apples, like parents. Both bag types come in conventional and organic. We know COVID has changed the consumer’s shopping habits, so we have our World Famous Fuji apples available in a variety of vehicles to ensure the consumer and the retailer happy. Whether it’s bulk or bag, they will be delighted with our apples.”

Buyers, stock up on these delicious varieties and watch apple sales soar! Keep clicking on ANUK as we keep you up to date on all things happening within the fresh produce industry.


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