SunFed Debuts New Perfect Limes™, Melonheads™, Yum Melon™ Programs, and More for PMA Fresh Summit

SunFed Debuts New Perfect Limes™, Melonheads™, Yum Melon™ Programs, and More for PMA Fresh Summit

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RIO RICO, AZ – SunFed is launching three new products to its ever-evolving program, all of which will be revealed at the upcoming PMA Fresh Summit Expo in Atlanta, GA this weekend.

One of the latest additions is Melonheads™, a seedless watermelon program available in both organic and conventional options. Melonheads™ are launching soon with new boxes and labels in the coming weeks.

SunFed's Melonheads™

Brett Burdsal, Director of Marketing at SunFed, was excited to debut this new product to expo attendees.

Brett Burdsal, Director of Marketing, SunFed“We are continuing our pioneering work with unique melon varieties as we continue our slow launch of our Melonheads™ program,” he said.

Yum Melons™, another new unique melon program originally grown in the south of France, has currently been undergoing commercial trials with select retailers. SunFed’s objective is to answer the continued demand for versatile, new, one-of-a-kind fruit varieties as consumers search for healthier ways to enhance their meal and snacking options, according to a press release.

SunFed's Yum Melons™

Mark Cassius, Chief Innovation Officer, said that the Yum Melon™ is "truly something different."

Mark Cassius, Chief Innovation Officer, SunFed“This melon variety has an amazing flavor and aroma that when coupled with its distinct sweetness, really delivers a great, consistent melon experience every time you eat it,” said Cassius.

Last, but not least, SunFed will also introduce its new year-round Perfect Limes™ program as part of its inaugural entry into tropical produce. Grown on family-owned farms in the fertile growing areas of Mexico, these limes are a natural progression for SunFedSunFed's Perfect Limes™

They will be offered in a 10-pound and a 40-pound box, designed with the company’s signature vibrant 60’s pop art-inspired packaging.

Matt Mandel, COO, SunFed“Limes continue to increase in demand and this expansion of our program compliments our growing line of fresh produce,” said COO Matt Mandel.

Perfect Organic® labels, which promote the USDA certified-organic nature of SunFed items and ensure the produce is rung up correctly and with ease at the register, will also be on display this weekend.

“We want to help boost organic growth in produce departments,” said Burdsal. “Our team realizes that challenges arise with mislabeling as well as identification of the products at checkout. Our desire is to address those issues earlier in the process, before they affect the bottom line.”

Along with the push in organics, SunFed will continue to keep Fair Trade Certification top-of-mind for its growers and marketers as the team continues to address the conscientious retailer and consumer.

Join SunFed at this year’s PMA Fresh Summit to check out all these new programs, as well as a new booth created from a repurposed shipping container.

“This new design aligns with our sustainability goals and initiatives,” continued Cassius. “We welcome everyone to stop by booth 2259 and check out our new platforms and programs."

We’ll see you there!


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