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Sunkist Growers Brings Citrus Trends to PMA Foodservice Attendees

Sunkist Growers Brings Citrus Trends to PMA Foodservice Attendees

MONTEREY, CA - Menus are looking to be a whole lot brighter this season, thanks in part to the now trending zestiness of Sunkist fresh citrus. Using the over 40 citrus varieties that Sunkist is promoting, attendees to the company’s booth at this year's PMA Foodservice in Monterey will be able to see all the versatile ways chefs are diving into the citrus craze.

Joan Wickham, Director of Communications, Sunkist“Consumers are craving bold flavors on menus, while also seeking healthier options – creating a powerful opportunity for the produce industry, and citrus in particular,” explained Joan Wickham, Sunkist Director of Communications. “Sunkist is looking forward to highlighting citrus culinary trends at this year’s PMA Foodservice conference.”

Those who stop by booth #130 at this weekend’s conference will be able to sample a Grilled Sunkist® Meyer Lemonade from Chef Robert Danhi, featuring specialty lemon variety Meyer lemons. A quickly growing product as far as consumer demand, Meyer lemons are said to be a cross between a Mandarin orange and lemon, making it sweeter and less acidic than its conventional counterparts. Not only will this beverage bounce off the trend of Meyer lemon usage, but Sunkist says the use of charred citrus is also heating up on menus throughtout the country. The company cites foodservice publication, Flavor & The Menu, who included grilled citrus as one of the top ten trends for 2016.

“As consumers seek distinctive fresh flavors, demand is growing for specialty citrus varieties like Meyer lemons in the foodservice sector,” Wickham continued. “Creative preparations, like charring, add depth and richness to citrus that can elevate garnishes, beverages and more.”

Also on display at the trade show will be Sunkist’s new 1-pound Meyer lemon and Zebra® (pink variegated) lemon pouch bags. The smaller, more convenient pack size will allow operators to start small and experiment with specialty varieties.

“The versatility of lemons makes this category a culinary favorite,” added Wickham. “In addition to specialty lemon varieties, Sunkist is pleased to offer conventional and organic lemons year-round to meet growing foodservice demand.”

Stop by booth #130 this weekend to learn even more about Sunkist’s citrus for foodservice, or for those of you who can’t make the show, visit http://foodservice.sunkist.com.

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