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Sunview Marketing International Introduces Sweet Carnival™ Proprietary Grape Variety

Sunview Marketing International Introduces Sweet Carnival™ Proprietary Grape Variety

DELANO, CA - Sure, the rides are great, the people-watching is even better, but admit it, the real reason you’re at the carnival is to indulge in all the decadently sweet treats. Luckily for us, here to bring those candy flavors into our homes—sans greasy fingers and artificial sugars—is Sunview Marketing International with its new, proprietary grape variety, Sweet Carnival™.

Mitchell Wetzel, Vice President of Sales, Sunview Marketing International“When a consumer bites into a Sweet Carnival grape, we want the experience to be just as if they were biting into the pink spun sugar you find at the fair,” explained Mitch Wetzel, VP of Sales. “We say Sweet Carnival is ‘as sweet as any carnival treat,’ and we’re excited that we are able to offer it in commercial volumes from the beginning of September through most of November next year.”

Sweet Carnival’s exclusive flavor profile was developed through Sunview's internal breeding program. Over the program’s 35-year existence, it has developed all of the company’s trademarked proprietary varieties such as Rosa™, Stella Bella™, Sorella Bella™, Gem™, Sparkle™, and now, Sweet Carnival.

Sweet Carnival™ is Sunview's newest proprietary grape variety

While the product will officially debut at PMA Fresh Summit this year, the buying community has already been buzzing about the new sales opportunities Sweet Carnival will help to open. According to Mitch, both Sunview’s customers and consumers are ready to eat these grapes up.

“With this new product, we are entering a category above and beyond premium grapes and creating a new segment that drives incremental sales. The retailers from coast to coast that we have talked to have told us that Sweet Carnival will create brand new opportunities to sell without cannibalizing existing grape sales.”

Sweet Carnival grapes are ‘as sweet as any carnival treat' according to VP of Sales Mitch Wetzel

And with even more more new and different varieties in the pipeline from Sunview that will fit in with this new segment, the future looks bright for the grape category. Mitch tells me the company anticipates more proprietary flavors to hit the market as soon as next season.

So, while you’re saying goodbye to summer festivals and the decadence that goes along with them, say hello to a brand new way to enjoy a Sweet Carnival.

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