Sunview Vineyards' Brian Mullhofer Discusses Stella Bella™ Variety Grapes

Sunview Vineyards' Brian Mullhofer Discusses Stella Bella™ Variety Grapes

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DELANO, CA - California table grapes are in demand once again this season, and Sunview Vineyards is answering the call for flavor, quality, and differentiation with its coveted Stella Bella™ variety. As a three generation family farm, the team at Sunview is dedicated to cultivating this proprietary green seedless grape with the care and consistency that retailers have come to expect from the company.

As we move towards fall, Brian Mullhofer, salesperson for the company, joins me to talk about the program this year, and why this variety is all the rage in the produce department.

Brian Mullhofer, Sales, Sunview Marketing International“The Stella Bella grape is prized around the world for its large berry size, crisp texture, elongated shape, superb sweetness, and long shelf-life,” Brian tells me. “California’s San Joaquin valley provides the ideal amount of sunshine as well as the best growing conditions to bring a quality grape to market. This season, the organic and conventional grape crop is looking brilliant and we are expecting increased supplies to meet our already satisfied customer base.”

The consumer buzz around this grape is bringing feedback far and wide to the team at Sunview. Brian shares what some of these consumers have had to say.

  • “Stella Bella grapes are my obsession. I am totally addicted! I cannot get enough. There’s nothing else like them. I was so sad at the end of the season last year. Seriously, I almost cried. I told my grocer recently that I almost got up on the counter and started dancing when I saw they were back in this year. They actually said to let them know when that is going to happen so they can break out the video camera. Please work on a way to keep the season open from July through June. The size, the texture, the taste! You are genius. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” - S. Rayl
  • “My 4 year old daughter asked me to write you this: The grapes are very good. I found a tiny grape and it was very sweet. My mommy gave it to me because she thought I wanted it. And they're all yummy so far. Thank you for growing delicious grapes.” – C. Krischer Mandel
  • “Good beautiful morning to whoever is the receiver of emails such as these! I have just purchased a small bag of your White Seedless Certified Organic California Table Grapes from Whole Foods and I am in heaven! These are the most delicious, crunchy, perfect grapes I have ever had in my entire life! Thank you so, so, so, much for creating such a treat! I hope that you and every person involved in the growing of these magnificent morsels live blessed and fruitful lives! Hooray for grapes!”- A. Barth

Sunview Stella Bella™ Variety Grapes

And that is just a sample of the feedback that Sunview has received. Sunview’s Stella Bella will be available this year from July until October in high-graphic pouch bags, clamshells, and 19 lb boxes. As the season moves through September, stay tuned to AndNowUKnow for more updates from California’s table grape companies.

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