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Super Bowl Commercials: ANUK's 5 Favorite Foodie Ads from Sunday

Super Bowl Commercials: ANUK's 5 Favorite Foodie Ads from Sunday

SANTA CLARA, CA - Peyton Manning and Beyoncé weren't the only winners at last night's Super Bowl. The real winners this year were those of us who found ourselves laughing, maybe even crying in front of our television sets to some of the more awe-inspiring commercials in recent memory. And being your source for produce industry news, we at AndNowUKnow thought we’d round up our five favorite food industry picks from this year’s  Super Bowl Sunday: 

1) Avocados From Mexico

You guys had to have seen this first pick coming—the produce industry’s first ever Super Bowl commercial got a sequel this year with Avocados From Mexico’s Avocados in Space ad. Harkening back to such classic cultural icon’s as 2015’s “the dress” and the 1980’s “Scott Baio,” this commercial showcased Mexican grown avocados as one of the main things us Earthlings will be remembered for.

2) Kraft/Heinz

The cutest weiners you’ve ever seen met a whole new family of condiments in this now instant classic of a commercial. You’ll not soon forget the sight of hundreds of dachshunds in hot dog costumes happily bounding through a field in search of the perfect ketchup. And if Kraft/Heinz’s ad actually served its purpose, you wont forget the company’s several less familiar condiment selections as well.

3) Taco Bell

This is one I had on my personal radar this year. The quasi-Mexican food giant unleashed its long-awaited culinary masterpiece, the Quesalupa, with this 30-second spot. Comparing its new item, which is essentially a quesadilla wrapped around a fluffy tortilla-ed taco, to such cultural phenomenons as the “man bun,” Tinder, and the hoverboard, Taco Bell hit all the right marks to pull in its millennial demographic.

4) Mtn. Dew

What was some people’s favorite moment of the night, and some people’s worst nightmare materialized, Mtn. Dew used its bloodcurdling hybrid of a puppy, a monkey, and a baby to shuck its hybrid juice and energy drink, Mtn. Dew Kickstart. Expect this to go viral, but more in the same kind of way that something like ebola goes viral. 

5) Doritos

Put the horror of the Puppy Monkey Baby behind you with this feel-good Doritos ad. A finalist in its fan submitted commercial contest, this ad combines, cute dogs, costumes, and a classic comedy gag to win the hearts of tortilla chip fans everywhere.

There you go, less-than sports fans! Now you won't look entirely out of the loop when the water cooler talk inevitably switches to Super Bowl ads this morning.