Tim York to Depart Markon Cooperative

Tim York to Depart Markon Cooperative

SALINAS, CA - Industry leader and passionate produce advocate Tim York has his sights set on the summer for two reasons. One, it will be peak season for some of his favorite produce items and two, the 40-year industry veteran is hanging up his hat as the President of the Markon Cooperative this June and shifting gears. Feeling energized about the road ahead, Tim joins me to talk about his time with Markon, his departure from the industry giant, and what lies ahead.

Tim York, Outgoing President, Markon Cooperative“I am incredibly grateful for the time I have spent with Markon and its amazing team of passionate produce professionals and friends,” Tim tells me. “My time at the company has provided me opportunities to learn and grow in a progressive, supportive, and forward-thinking environment. While I will miss my day-to-day role with Markon, I am excited to see the operation grow and to take a new path ahead in my own career.”

Forty-plus years in the industry is no small feat. Tim kicked off his early fresh produce career working at Dave Walsh Co. and Stewart Packing Co. during his time studying at San Diego State University and he also spent his winters working the vegetable deal in Oxnard, California. In 1985, Tim joined Markon as a purchasing manager, eventually taking over as President in 1990 when then-CEO Dave Eldredge moved on.

Field shot of Markon Cooperative staff circa 1992

While Tim excelled at moving up the leadership ladder, it did not come without its challenges. Tim was running one of the first produce procurement cooperatives founded in the U.S. for restaurants, cafeterias, and other foodservice operations, in a very short time and taking on a significant amount of responsibility. Still, adversity breeds character, and in Tim’s case—leadership.

Dave Eldredge, Annie Harris, and Tim holding down the Markon office in 1985

"I can only hope that others entering or rising in the industry can cut their professional teeth at a company as great as Markon," Tim reflects. "As for what is next, I only see opportunities."

Congratulations, Tim, on the accomplished road you have traveled and the exciting path ahead!

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