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Tom Lange Family of Companies President Greg Reinauer Discusses New Logos and Streamlined Vision

Tom Lange Family of Companies President Greg Reinauer Discusses New Logos and Streamlined Vision

SPRINGFIELD, IL – As the 56-year-old company looks to better communicate its vision and direction, The Tom Lange Family of Companies has a new series of logos and messaging. The new face of the company now spans its production, distribution, and logistics operations to present a synchronized view of message and appearance for Tom Lange.

With the new logos having been unveiled for over a month, I spoke with President Greg Reinauer to discuss the significant move, and where the company is headed next. 

Greg Reinauer, President, Tom Lange Company“The mission was to simplify the message and direction of our company,” Greg tells me. “Our business is based on vertical integration and three pillars within the supply chain. These new logos help us to define the value and services that our company provides.”

Tom Lange’s three pillars encompass all areas of the company’s endeavors. Thus, in perfect synchronization, the logos represent the following branches of the company and its far-reaching arms of operations:  

  • Seven Seas: Control of fresh produce through growing, packing, financing, importing, and exporting.
  • Tom Lange Company: Regional distribution throughout North America, spearheaded through the traditional Tom Lange offices.
  • Lange Logistics: Transportation and warehousing of goods throughout the supply chain. 

“Logos do not define a company, but rather help us build on our values and services. We differentiate ourselves in the marketplace by providing value throughout the total supply chain,” Greg elaborates on the addition of the new logos, and what they signify for the company. “Our people and our services are what make us truly unique.” 

The inspiration for the shift in logos came of a need to streamline the representation of the company and its offerings to its associates, partners, customers, and the industry as a whole. Greg elaborates that after 56 years of business, the Tom Lange Family of Companies had expanded from its small Midwest beginnings into many different areas of the fresh produce and logistics business, and needed to hone its message to better communicate to all facets of the industry.  

Tom Lange debuted the new logos and messaging, to great reviews, at PMA Fresh Summit.

“The traffic through both the Lange and Seven Seas’ booths was brisk, and the new logos generated much conversation about the multiple services that Tom Lange, Lange Logistics, and Seven Seas has to offer,” Greg tells me. 

So, what’s next for the Tom Lange Family of Companies? Greg says that there are a number of initiatives in the works to increase the company’s offering of citrus and berries. 

As Tom Lange Family of Companies continues to ramp up its offerings, stay with AndNowUKnow for the latest.

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