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TOMRA Demonstrating Sorting and Peeling Machines at INTERPOM PRIMEURS

TOMRA Demonstrating Sorting and Peeling Machines at INTERPOM PRIMEURS

KORTRIJK XPO, BELGIUM – TOMRA Sorting will be showcasing and demonstrating 6 sorting and peeling machines at its booth at the 17th INTERPOM | PRIMEURS in Kortrijk Xpo, Belgium from Novermer 23 – 25.

“INTERPOM | PRIMEURS remains the leading trade fair for the potato, fruit and vegetable sector in Europe and we are very glad to present here once again our different food sorting machines and peeling solutions.  This year we are thrilled to present more than four new sorting solutions (Falcon, Halo, Blizzard and a new size grader for washed potatoes)!  Next to that, we will highlight important improvements to existing and proven solutions in the potato and vegetable industry,” says Roel Molenaers, Product Manager at TOMRA Sorting Food.


According to a press release, TOMRA Sorting Solutions’ Falcon will be showcased first and foremost.  “Through the Falcon we get rid of most defects at an early stage to ensure that the sorters further down the processing line can work at a higher efficiency rate and can assure a final product with an outstanding high quality,” adds Molenaers.

We previously covered this cost-effective pre-sorter for the fresh cut industry.  For a more in depth look, click here for that article, and to see the Falcon in action, check out this video:

TOMRA is also giving visitors at INTERPOM a sneak preview of a new size grader for washed potatoes that was designed to sort washed potatoes by length, width or a combination of both, and its brand new revolutionary user interface of the Halo sorter. 

“In the past we expected from our customers to train continuously on being able to operate the sorting machine.  This was contradictory to our customer-oriented vision and that’s why we are now proud to offer our customers a revolutionary intuitive tough screen,” says Molenaers. 

“No longer should an operator see two TOMRA sorting machines side by side with designs that seem polar opposites from one another.  The new user interface provides operators with a confidence that if they can work with one TOMRA sorting machine they will be able to work them all!  The customers are now really in charge of the sorter,” clarifies Molenaers.


TOMRA is also showcasing the Blizzard, a cost-effective optical sorting solution for the individually quick frozen vegetable and fruit market (IQF).  The Blizzard offers a small footprint and comfortably replaces older generation sorters.  It can be installed just after the IQF tunnels or prior to packing.  Check out the Blizzard in action in this video:

The last offerings that TOMRA is displaying are its Field Potato Sorter (FPS) and its steam peeling solutions, both of which offer benefits to growers and packers.

Field Potato Sorter

“There is no doubt that the potato, fruit and vegetable industry will benefit from TOMRA’s sorting and peeling solutions.  TOMRA shows once more to be the leading provider for the potato and vegetable industry.  We are looking forward to meeting you at our stand place 110 to introduce you to our latest innovations and to discuss your specific food sorting challenge,” says Molenaers.

If you are at the event, make sure to stop by TOMRA at booth 110 and see all of these new innovations.


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