U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council Touts Mid-Year Successes Following Positively Bluetiful Campaign Launch

U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council Touts Mid-Year Successes Following Positively Bluetiful Campaign Launch

FOLSOM, CA - Just six months after launching its first-ever year-long consumer advertising campaign, things are looking 'Positively Bluetiful' for the U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council (USHBC). In just its first half, results for the campaign—also named Positively Bluetiful if you hadn’t guessed—have already significantly exceeded expectations.

Victoria De Bruin, Marketing Manager, Highbush Blueberry Council"'Positively Bluetiful' connects our target audiences with blueberry messaging that our research has shown to be most compelling and motivating," said Victoria De Bruin, the council’s first-ever Marketing Manager, who was brought on to guide and implement the campaign. "We’re keeping blueberries front and center through online video and audio ads, banner ads, and social media videos that showcase blueberries’ core attributes with the goal of solidifying blueberries’ standing as a shopping list staple."

USHBC and agency partner Padilla created the campaign’s central concept, 'Positively Bluetiful,' to reinforce and celebrate the role of blueberries in bringing smiles, joy, and delight into consumers’ everyday lives. Audiences are seeing campaign content in a variety of places they visit for news and entertainment, recipe inspiration, and healthy lifestyle motivation.

In the Positively Bluetiful campaign, the council used online video and audio ads, banner ads, and social media videos to showcase blueberries's core attributes

Campaign goals were set based on historical data and industry standards and, according to a press release, actual results generated through June 30 have tracked significantly higher than projected. Below is how the campaign has performed in the first six months:

  • Total Completed Video Views: 2.1 million versus goal of 1.9 million
  • Total Clicks: 99,000+ against versus goal of 26,000
  • Total Social Engagements: 1.3 million versus goal of 2 million

"Blueberries are part of so many moments for so many people, every single day, and we wanted to celebrate those moments in our new ads. They put blueberries in the context of everyday life, from special occasions like weekend getaways to the simple pleasures of the usual routine. Blueberries can make any day as irresistibly delicious and fun as they are," said De Bruin.

Victoria De Bruin was brought on as the council’s first-ever Marketing Manager in order to guide and implement the campaign

Now, to capitalize on this impressive mid-year momentum, USHBC and agency partner Padilla recently completed two photoshoots for a creative refresh coinciding with peak blueberry season in the U.S. The new ads—one taking place in a residential kitchen and one on a farm—is expected to draw deeper connections between blueberries and consumers, especially men and women who fall within USHBC’s "moderate blueberry user" category. This category represents consumption of 7.6 cups of fresh blueberries per year on average, and, after all is said and done, USHBC aims to increase the category’s consumption by 39 percent for by 2021. In tandem, USHBC aims to engage heavy users—those who consume 26.5 cups per year—and increase that category's consumption by 15 percent. USHBC noted that these two audiences alone represent half of the U.S. population: 25 percent each.

The U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council wanted to celebrate the moments blueberries are a part of every single day in its new ads

USHBC noted it and Padilla made their move to do this first consumer campaign as a strategic decision to increase blueberry consumption year-round as supplies were on the rise at the end of 2017. The campaign also marked the first time USHBC centered efforts around paid advertising, with secondary support from media relations, social media, and social influencer promotions.

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