WP Produce Bringing Tropical Avocados to PMA Fresh Summit

WP Produce Bringing Tropical Avocados to PMA Fresh Summit

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MIAMI, FL - Tropical avocados—also known as green skins—may not be well-known, but WP Produce, the largest importer and seller of tropical avocados from the Dominican Republic, sold under the Desbry brand, is working to change that.

Chris Gonzalez (VP of Sales) with his uncle and company Founder Willy Pardo and Desiree Morales (Vice President)

Tropical avocados themselves are their own selling point. Their many positive attributes include their large size and bright, fresh green color. They also stay green (most varieties don’t change color as they ripen), and have a substantially longer cut life—meaning they don’t oxidize as quickly after being cut. The convenience factor comes into play when looking at their size; given that they’re larger than the average avocado, consumers as well as foodservice operators enjoy the value and convenience.

WP will be featuring its newly-refreshed Desbry brand logo at PMA and will be at the Dominican Republic booth #4471 to answer questions about tropical avocados.

Chris Gonzalez, Vice President, WP ProduceChris Gonzalez, VP of Sales for WP Produce, shares with me, “We see great potential for tropical avocados—especially among Millennials—and shoppers and retailers seem to agree. Focus groups have shown just how interested consumers are by the idea of having another type of avocado—they love something new. Our retailers have seen a significant increase in sales in the past few years, and our foodservice customers appreciate the value.”

Gonzalez’s Uncle and company founder Willy Pardo has been a pioneer in the tropical avocado industry for decades, and first began sourcing this fruit from the Dominican Republic in 1992 after hurricanes severely affected the Floridian crop. Since then, the high quality of the Dominican fruit and year-round seasonality has kept WP Produce coming back to the DR as a supply partner.

WP Produce is the largest importer and seller of tropical avocados from the Dominican Republic

“Our high season for Dominican fruit starts on October 15. Our strong relationships with our growing partners allow us to provide high-quality supply and consistent volume throughout the season,” Chris tells me. “The Semil variety also begins shipping during this time, which is a crowd favorite for both consumers and retailers. They love the smooth yet hearty texture and fresh flavor profile!”

If you’ve never tried a tropical avocado (or can’t get enough of them!), be sure to visit WP’s booth at the Freshtival at PMA Fresh Summit (located outdoors between the Hilton and Marriot near the conference center). WP will be sampling several tropical avocado recipes, including avocado toast in the morning and a delicious family recipe for avocado salad in the afternoon, created by founder Willy Pardo.

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