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Amazon Expands Cashierless Concept

Amazon Expands Cashierless Concept

SEATTLE, WA - Before the proverbial dust had settled after Amazon’s new banner announcement, the e-tailer swooped back into the newswires. While its new banner—set to operate in Los Angeles—is still in the planning stages, Amazon has plans to open cashierless supermarkets as soon as next year.

According to a report from Bloomberg, these new store formats expand upon the Amazon Go technology, tech that could potentially be licensed to other retailers in the future. A person familiar with the project noted to the news source that Amazon is testing the Amazon Go tech in a 10,400-square-foot retail space in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood.

Amazon has plans to open cashierless supermarkets as soon as next year

Amazon’s original plan, the person noted, was for Amazon Go to be a larger format store. The retailer introduced the concept two years ago, which has since expanded to a network of 21 locations. Most of these current locations are roughly 2,000 square feet and stock convenience items like grab-and-go meals. With improved technology, Amazon plans to return to its original vision and launch a 30,000-square-foot location—roughly the typical size of a supermarket.

It is worth noting the incredible effort that goes into making a format like Amazon Go operate. People familiar with the matter explained to Bloomberg that Amazon spent millions of dollars on cameras, networking gear, and servers in the first store alone. Engineers are stress-testing the camera arrays in the Capitol Hill location with large groups of people, ensuring that the Go tech works in larger formats.

Will Amazon’s new banners further cement its position in brick and mortar? AndNowUKnow will continue to report the latest in all things retail.