Amazon Patent Focuses on Home Gardens

Amazon Patent Focuses on Home Gardens

SEATTLE, WA - Amazon’s latest venture shows yet more interest in fresh produce and boosting consumers’ taste for them. The cyber retailer has a new patent to digitally recommend gardening items for consumers looking to add a home touch to their salads, enabling shoppers to take photos of their gardening projects to upload with additional notes for Amazon recommendations.

Home garden

“For example, image and non image data about a garden may be received and analyzed,” the company patent states in its abstract for its Garden Service. “Identification of garden items from the garden and related constraints may be determined accordingly. The identifications and the constraints may be used to recommend uses of the garden items and/or to recommend additional garden items that may be ordered and used in conjunction with garden items.”

With capabilities like identifying plants growing in the garden, as well as possible impediments, the Garden Service provides the added ability of providing recipes matched with those items. The technology can also, according to the patent, assess the gardening parameters and then generate a model for the garden that identifies the current plants and constraints for new plants for the user.

Farmville in your backyard, anyone?

The retailer notes that a network-based resource may provide a user experience “unmatched by a traditional brick and mortar store,” and could give a broader base working with different suppliers.

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“For example, the network-based resource may offer a larger and more diverse selection of items. Further, for some of the items, there may be a number of sellers with different offers. As such, a consumer may not only obtain items from an available rich selection, but may also obtain the items at the most convenient offers,” the patent notes.

Amazon provides a full breakdown and diagram of the Garden Service in its patent filing here. With more and more facets of its business reaching into fresh produce and food services, AndNowUKnow will keep an eye out for the latest.