Avocado Growers in Mexico Break Record with Three Tons of

Avocado Growers in Mexico Break Record with Three Tons of "Green Gold"

CONCEPCION DE BUENOS AIRES, MEXICO – Avocado growers in the state of Jalisco have banded together to break a whopping record for world’s biggest guacamole—producing three tons—or 6,600 lbs—of the luxurious dip.

According to a Reuters report, the effort involved 1,000 student chefs and locals mashing approximately 25,000 avocados and serving the chartreuse spread to thousands of eaters from throughout Jalisco. The Governor of Jalisco was on hand to receive recognition from representatives of the Guinness Book of World Records.

Photo Credit: Reuters/Fernando Carranza

Part entertainment and part political, the event was intended to convey a message to guacamole-loving North Americans about the benefits they have wrought from NAFTA—as negotiators from Canada, Mexico, and the U.S. descended on Mexico City last weekend to discuss changes to the 23-year-old trade agreement.

News of the event comes less than a week after many of the most prominent U.S. and Canadian produce providers joined together to form the Produce Coalition for NAFTA, applauding efforts to continue and modernize the trade agreement while also voicing concerns about changes to NAFTA that could be deleterious to the produce industry as a whole.

Will guacamole writ large have the intended effect, impressing upon North Americans the merits of a robust trade agreement? AndNowUKnow will continue to report.


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