Colorado and New Mexico Governors Spark War Over Green Chilis

Colorado and New Mexico Governors Spark War Over Green Chilis

NEW MEXICO AND COLORADO - When you love a vegetable enough, sometimes you get a little hot under the collar when another person assumes theirs is better. This was the case for Colorado Governor Jared Polis and New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham, who duked it out over social media on who offers the best green chili. The debate comes down to this simple question: Is a Pueblo Chili better than a Hatch Chili, or vice versa?

Governor Jared Polis of Colorado sparked a debate with a post claiming the state's Pueblo chilis are superior to New Mexico's hatch chili

It all began with a Facebook post—as so many instances of tension do—which Westword was quick to cover.

Jared Polis, Governor, Colorado Polis wrote: “About time! Whole Foods Market will soon offer Pueblo Chili, widely acknowledged as the best chile in the world, in Colorado and throughout the Rocky Mountain region. Whole Foods will stock 125,000 pounds of Pueblo Chili in Colorado, Kansas, Idaho, and Utah. New Mexico stores will unfortunately not be offering the best chile and will instead keep offering inferior New Mexico chili.”

Michelle Lujan Grisham, Governor, New MexicoGrisham quickly clapped back with her own fiery response: “If Pueblo chili were any good, it would have been on national shelves before now. If Colorado wants to go chili to chili, no question that New Mexico can bring the heat—Hatch chili is, has always been, and will always be the greatest in the world.”

Not to pick sides, but I think I just heard a mic drop somewhere in the distance.

It initially ended in a stand-off, with Polis reaching out to Grisham, suggesting a “chili-off” in Trinidad.

Will we ever know which chili is better? AndNowUKnow will be here to bring you all the latest in wacky produce news.