Crystal Valley Foods Reflects on 30th Anniversary; Katiana Valdes Shares

Crystal Valley Foods Reflects on 30th Anniversary; Katiana Valdes Shares

MIAMI, FL - Thirty years down and still going strong. That is Crystal Valley Foods’ mindset this year as it rings in its 30th anniversary, but just because the family-operated business is celebrating doesn’t mean it will be slowing down its progress. To hear more about what the supplier has in store, I turned to Katiana Valdes, Marketing Director.

Katiana Valdes, Marketing Director, Crystal Valley Foods
Katiana Valdes, Marketing Director, Crystal Valley Foods

“We shipped our first pallet—a pallet of asparagus—in May of 1994. We have come a long way, and it is truly a testament to our leadership, employees, and partners,” Katiana tells me. “There has been a lot of hard work, dedication, and passion poured into Crystal Valley Foods from many incredible people to make this company what it is today, and we couldn’t be prouder of where we are.”

Over the last 30 years, the provider has built a successful, bicoastal company by focusing on integrity, loyalty, and long-term relationships with buyers, growers, and suppliers. It has invested in and partnered with packing houses and farms in its major sourcing regions, including Peru, Guatemala, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic. Another crucial part of its growth has been fostering a healthy work environment for its employees, many of whom have been with Crystal Valley since that fateful first shipment.

Crystal Valley Foods celebrates 30 years in business, dedicating its success to its leadership, innovations, and partnerships

“Through the years, we have been at the forefront of innovation. We were one of the first companies to import Peruvian asparagus, we helped create and establish the current asparagus box, and we were one of the first adopters of the strict food safety protocols that are now mandatory for every fresh produce company to do business,” explains Katiana. “Our focus on the future has helped us stay relevant in the industry for many years. Now, we have moved the company into a new era of automatization, implementing technology, improving the infrastructure, and finding new sourcing regions and products to offer our customers year-round.”

Looking ahead, Crystal Valley has several goals that will bolster its mission of bringing high-quality fresh produce to its customers. One essential item on the list is to continue improving its environmental footprint by expanding the company’s sustainability programs.

The supplier also plans to grow and diversify its product line and invest in innovation, infrastructure, and automation.

Over the past three decades, Crystal Valley Foods has evolved into a bi-coastal company by focusing on integrity, loyalty, and long-term relationships with buyers, growers, and suppliers

This dedication and attention to meeting the industry's needs make Crystal Valley a strong partner.

“We pride ourselves on being agile and reactive to the market and trends, as well as anticipating our customers' needs and demands. If a customer is looking for a special product, if they are looking for something new and innovative, or even if they need a special pack or size, we go above and beyond to make it happen,” adds Katiana. “Our recent expansions, diversification, and acquisitions all play into our goal of being that one-stop shop. We have many resources, capabilities, a seasoned team, and high-quality long-term suppliers.”

Cheers to Crystal Valley Foods and the future of this ever-evolving company!

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