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Freska Produce Partner Jesus Loza Discusses Assistance in Mexico's Recovery and Rebuilding Efforts Post Summer Earthquake

Freska Produce Partner Jesus Loza Discusses Assistance in Mexico's Recovery and Rebuilding Efforts Post Summer Earthquake

OAXACA, MEXICO - When natural disasters hit, those affected can sometimes sadly be left with few places to turn to for assistance. After the earthquake in Oaxaca, Mexico, this fall, Freska Produce stepped up to help those in need find food and basic necessities, and also brought a strong sense of community to some of those impacted by the event.

Jesus "Chuy" Loza, Partner, Freska Produce“With the recent earthquake this fall in Oaxaca, our team at Freska felt compelled to help out the community in the region–the same community that helps to pick, pack, and ship our mangos," Partner Jesus “Chuy” Loza, shares with me. "The impact of the earthquake affected many, devastating homes in the community. Our goal was, and is, to help them recover and begin moving back to a state of normalcy. We feel it’s important to support the people who support us."

The company’s dedication to helping those who saw first-hand just how devastating the effects were from the earthquake reaches far beyond charity work. Some of the company’s mango picking, packing, and shipping workers are located in Chahuites, Oaxaca, so Freska sought to alleviate the community’s hardships with its donation. The company’s efforts are to assist and support the community as it recovers.

Everyday staples, such as canned food, water, and toilet paper, were sent to Oaxaca residents. In addition to the goods sent to the community, the company also purchased items to fix the damaged homes of locals who were affected by the earthquake, such as new roofs and stucco, as well as provided labor to implement these necessary structural changes.

Freska Produce Assists in relief efforts for the Mexican earthquake by passing out care packages

“Our actions are put forth in the hopes of providing an example to the produce industry, that we have to stick together, as there is still much more needed in this community to fully recover,” Chuy tells me.

Our thoughts go out to all those being affected by the 2017 natural disasters. Stay tuned to AndNowUKnow as our industry rallies around those impacted, to bring assistance to those in need.

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