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Industry Poll: Your Pandemic Experience

Industry Poll: Your Pandemic Experience

THE GLOBE - What a rollercoaster ride the industry has been on this year, but also, how adaptable we have become. Both agile and nimble in nature, every corner of the fresh produce sector has seen its challenges and its successes and aligned with the greater good to raise the bar on fruit and veg consumption, access, and the health of the industry and those in it.

As we all get our bearings—as much as we can in the present and near future—our team at AndNowUKnow, along with Full Tilt Marketing, thought we would see how you are all individually doing in this tumultuous time.

We at AndNowUKnow teamed up with Full Tilt Marketing to gauge how the industry is doing in this tumultuous time with a brief survey

Please check out this brief survey below. And yes, it is anonymous, so feel free to be open and to share this with your industry friends as well.

Check out the AndNowUKnow and Full Tilt survey here:

Take the Survey

Or, you can view the poll in the window below! We truly appreciate your time.

Our hope is to collect the sentiments of a wide-ranging group as we further seek to unite alongside one another, bring about a collective understanding of where we are, and a place for compassion to thrive in.

We are also open to any other feedback that may not be included here. I would love to hear from your directly at [email protected].

A big thank you to our industry friends on the assist! From your friends at AndNowUKnow.

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