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Kroger Announces the Appointment of Elaine Chao to Board of Directors; Rodney McMullen Discusses

Kroger Announces the Appointment of Elaine Chao to Board of Directors; Rodney McMullen Discusses

CINCINNATI, OH - Those who work with your company are automatically representatives of its values. With an addition as revolutionary as Elaine Chao, Kroger continues to make a name for itself as a leading retail operator, naming the global icon to its Board of Directors.

Elaine Chao, Menber of the Board of Directors, KrogerElaine Chao's distinguished career includes leading domestic and international organizations across the public, private, and non-profit sectors; serving as U.S. Secretary of Labor and U.S. Secretary of Transportation; being appointed Director of numerous Fortune 500 public company Boards; holding the President and Chief Executive Officer title of the United Way of America; serving as Director of the Peace Corps; and working as a Banker with Citicorp and Bank of America.

Perhaps most impressively, though, Chao is both the first Asian-Pacific American woman to serve in the President's cabinet in U.S. history, as well as the longest-serving U.S. cabinet secretary since World War II.

Rodney McMullen, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Kroger"We are pleased to welcome Elaine to Kroger," said Rodney McMullen, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. "She's an experienced national and global leader who brings to Kroger's Board deep knowledge of corporate governance, strategic and workforce management, and public-private partnerships, as well as extensive experience at the highest levels of U.S. government."

Chao obtained her Master of Business Administration from Harvard Business School after receiving her undergraduate degree in Economics from Mount Holyoke College, a press release stated. Recognized for her extensive record of accomplishments and public service, she is also the recipient of 37 honorary doctorate degrees.

Kroger recently named global icon Elaine Chao to its Board of Directors

She is elected to serve until Kroger's annual meeting of shareholders in June 2022, at which time she will stand for election by the shareholders.

"Kroger's proactive Board refreshment strategy ensures the organization benefits from the unique expertise and perspective of a diverse Board of Directors," continued McMullen. "Kroger's Board is committed to creating value for all of our stakeholders, including our shareholders, customers, associates, and communities."

Congratulations to Elaine Chao as well as Kroger on this impactful appointment.