Rouses Markets to Test Grocery Drone Delivery

Rouses Markets to Test Grocery Drone Delivery

MOBILE, AL - Look up to the sky! It’s a bird? It’s a plane? It’s … a drone?! With the ever-increasing use of drones for all manner of tech, we here at AndNowUKnow still couldn’t help our surprise when we heard that Rouses Markets is testing an unmanned grocery delivery pilot program—all with the help of drones.

Donald Rouse, Jr., Chief Executive Officer, Rouses Markets“Drone delivery offers the fastest, safest delivery store to door. We should be able to get groceries to customers in 30 minutes or even less. Plus it’s more cost efficient, meaning we can save customers time and money,” remarked Donny Rouse, CEO of Rouses Markets, in a recent press release.

Partnering with Duece Drone to conduct this pilot, the experiment will roll out sometime this fall.

Rouses Markets is partnering with Duece Drone to conduct an unmanned grocery delivery pilot program using drones (Photo: Deuce Drone)

Rouses has taken to exploring new ways that shoppers—and retailers—can benefit from programs such as this, due to the fact that it’s more convenient and cost-effective. A win-win for all, I must say.

Rhett Ross, Chief Executive Officer, Deuce Drone“We’re excited to partner with Rouses Markets and work together to alter the landscape of home delivery,” noted Rhett Ross, CEO of Deuce Drone, who also commented that Rouses Markets is an ideal test case for his company’s last-mile delivery solution because of its footprint and commitment to being first with everything.

Shall Rouses be the first to master drone delivery? AndNowUKnow will wait—and report—with bated breath.

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