Schnuck Markets to Discontinue Eatwell Market Banner; Todd Schnuck Comments

Schnuck Markets to Discontinue Eatwell Market Banner; Todd Schnuck Comments

ST. LOUIS, MO - As the retail landscape changes, so must its players. Schnuck Markets has made the decision to pivot its strategy on the company's Eatwell Market banner. After careful consideration, the grocer decided to discontinue Eatwell Market, which operated stores in Columbia and Chesterfield, Missouri.
Todd Schnuck, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Shcnuck Markets

“As a company, we embrace trying new things and learning from our experiences to improve future store designs, operations, merchandising, and marketing. Our teams at each Eatwell Market put their best foot forward to nourish the lives of their customers—making this a decision that was not made lightly,” explained Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Todd Schnuck.

The concept of the Eatwell Market banner was simple. In addition to offering natural food items, the grocer focused heavily on organic, local, and specialty items.

“However, after significant analysis and evaluation of what we could do to make each store more successful during current economic conditions, we concluded the most prudent path forward would be the discontinuation of the Eatwell banner," Schnuck added.

Schnuck Markets recently decided to discontinue its Eatwell Market banner

According to a press release, all store teammates will remain employed with the company and will retain the same rates of pay.

The Columbia, Missouri, location will soon convert to a traditional Schnucks store. The Chesterfield, Missouri, location will permanently close on June 2, 2024.

We’ll continue to keep you in the know regarding retail updates like this.

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