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Touchstone Pistachio Company's Charlotte Avila Discusses Recent Expansions and Growth

Touchstone Pistachio Company's Charlotte Avila Discusses Recent Expansions and Growth

FRESNO, CA - Pistachios are one thing you will always find in this writer’s pantry. Ideal for any snacking occasion and a wide variety of creative recipes, this is one nut variety that holds a special place in the heart of consumers. Touchstone Pistachio Company is among those bringing this delightful offering to retail shelves. Now in its fourth year of harvest, the provider is pursuing tactical expansions while wielding the expertise and experience of its leadership to fortify its standing in the pistachio farming industry.

Charlotte Avila, Director of Domestic Sales and Marketing, Touchstone Pistachio Company“This year’s harvest began on August 18, 2022, and is considered an ‘on’ year for pistachios, but yields are down around 30 percent. We expect the crop to come in somewhere around the 800 million lb range,” shares Charlotte Avila, Director of Domestic Sales and Marketing, before detailing some of the supplier’s recent operational advancements. “We have increased our hulling and drying capacity, enabling us to bring in over 100 trucks a day! So far, insect damage and stain are lower than last crop year’s averages. The nut size is looking positive and in line with average years. Closed shell yields currently look good, which are the primary source for kernels.”

In addition to this growth, Touchstone recently initiated a complete overhaul of its in-shell processing building, which is now close to completion and is expected to be finished by the end of September. In turn, this strategic expansion project will increase monthly processing capabilities for the supplier.

Touchstone Pistachio Company’s domestic program continues to gain momentum, especially as the supplier has increased its hulling and drying capacity and expanded into new offices

“Touchstone’s domestic program is continuing to gain momentum,” Charlotte adds. “We are working closely with major retailers on positioning their programs for growth and finding new ways in which we can provide merchandising support to capture more consumer attention and demand.”

Beyond these key developments to its production facilities, Touchstone has also expanded its headquarters with new offices in Fresno, California, to further increase its operational efficiencies.

Touchstone Pistachio Company aligns closely with its retail partners to position their programs for growth, consistently uncovering new ways to increase consumer demand

“Our headquarters have always been in Fresno, as it is the city where the Assemi family owns and operates their farming operations throughout the valley,” Charlotte notes. “These new offices provide a more central location for our multiple processing sites within the valley, driving efficiency for the overall enterprise.”

Something tells me this isn’t all the pistachio provider has to share in terms of recent growth, but you’ll have to keep reading AndNowUKnow to find out what else is on the horizon for Touchstone Pistachio Company.

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