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US Foods Unveils Fall Scoop™ with 27 Fashionable and Innovative Products

US Foods Unveils Fall Scoop™ with 27 Fashionable and Innovative Products

ROSEMONT, IL - We all know that fall is the most fashionable season—layers are just thin enough to be flattering, but the rich-colored flannels are a sight for sore eyes worn out by the sun. US Foods is tapping into the fashionable season by launching Fall Scoop™ 2018, which will bring 27 innovative, versatile, and trendy products.

What the line aims to achieve is create a relationship between food and fashion under the banner of Food Runway, which will introduce the right trends at the right time, according to a press release. The new products will make sure that restaurants keep ahead of the dining trend curve and cater to consumers’ current interests.

Stacie Sopinka, Senior VP of Product Development and Innovation, US Foods

“Culinary trends are moving faster than ever, driven by social media, online reviews and diner feedback. When independent restaurant operators aren’t moving forward with the right trends at the right time, it’s easy to fall behind,” Senior VP of Product Development and Innovation Stacie Sopinka shared. “At US Foods, we make it easy for our operators to stay on trend and take the right steps forward with confidence. In Fall Scoop, we’re bringing the industry’s most influential trends to restaurants across the country by introducing an assortment of versatile products that blend function, innovation and fashion-forward form.”

Molly's Kitchen®'s Cornmeal-Breaded Green Tomato is part of the Celebration of Vegetables

The Fall Scoop trends are as follows:

Authentic Global Flavors

  • Monarch® Creamy Miso-Ginger Dressing
  • Chef’s Line® All Natural* Slow-Cooked Pork Shoulder in Achiote Sauce
  • Chef’s Line Artisan Chia Ficelle Roll

Vibrant Colors

  • Devonshire® Premium Black Raspberry Ombre Cake with Vanilla Icing
  • Molly’s Kitchen® Flamin’ Battered Onion Ring
  • Cross Valley Farms® Tropical Fruit Blend

A Celebration of Vegetables

  • Molly’s Kitchen Cornmeal-Breaded Green Tomato
  • Thirster® Sweetened Almondmilk Beverage
  • Thirster Unsweetened Coconutmilk Beverage

New World Butchery

  • Chef’s Line All Natural* Bison and Pork Smoked Sausage Raised Without Antibiotics
  • Metro Deli® All Natural* Soppressata Raised Without Antibiotics
  • Stock Yards® All Natural* Pork Burger Raised Without Antibiotics

Fine-Dining 2.0.

  • Molly’s Kitchen Petite Pearls
  • Chef’s Line Cookie Butter Tart
  • Chef’s Line Smoked Maple and Bourbon Flavored Ice Cream with Praline Pecans

Cross Valley Farms® Tropical Fruit Blend with Dragon Fruit is one of the Vibrant Colors options

As a crucial aspect of marketing, a menu can have much sway on consumers’ experiences. The new product offerings will be accompanied by an expansion of US Foods Menu capabilities—which will, ultimately, test items’ popularity with diners, highlight the most profitable menu items, promote items based off menu type, and showcase featured items during peak seasons. The process, according to the release, is fast, efficient, and cost-effective. For more information on this process, check out usfoods.com/menu.

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