Central American Produce

Central American Produce

When you see the Mayan Pride®, CAPCO and M&S labels and the other outstanding labels at Central American Produce, you know that you’re getting top quality produce picked at its peak of freshness and flavor!

More than three decades of hard work, enthusiasm and commitment are behind every label. Our customers are guaranteed the consistent reliability expected from a top supplier. And if it’s Mayan Pride®, CAPCO, M&S® or any other of our outstanding brands, you can be confident that you’re giving your customers mouth-watering goodness in every bite.

Unparalleled professionalism and client dedication have made Central American Produce a preferred choice of major retailers, wholesalers and food service buyers. Responsiveness is the hallmark of our mission, and when you need solutions, we are there for you morning, noon and night.

We are dedicated to our industry and we respect the kinship of the people who have given us so much. From our investments in protecting and preserving the environment, to special programs for improving the lives of farm workers, our Mayan Pride® and CAPCO brands bolsters and strengthens the communities in which we operate.

Remember, Central American Produce is a group of family members and produce professionals. Our commitment is to ensure Quality, Service and Integrity from the farm, to transportation, to warehousing and all the way to your shelves and customers’ tables, ensuring your customers an experience that keeps them coming back for more.